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Best Online CNA Classes in Georgia (GA)

Explore our guide to the best online CNA classes in Georgia. Learn about state-approved programs, key resources you can use to succeed, and more.

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Whether dressing, bathing, or helping patients with their mobility, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) care for patients’ basic needs and fill a critical role in the healthcare landscape. CNAs are in high demand, as they work in nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities — places affected by the national nursing shortage.

Southern states in particular are among the hardest hit areas dealing with a lack of qualified nurses, so if you’re looking for online CNA classes in Georgia, you’ll be filling a critical need upon licensure.

The path to a rewarding CNA roleoften involves classroom instruction, clinical work, and passing a state test. Many programs can be completed quickly, and specific to online CNA classes in Georgia, you’ll find accelerated options allowing you to fulfill your classroom requirements in as little as two to four weeks.

This guide to online CNA classes in Georgia will help you discover top schools, key program features, and answers to common questions you may have. Keep reading to learn more about this meaningful healthcare role.

Inside Georgia’s Standout Online CNA Classes

The first step to learning more about online CNA classes in Georgia is to get the lay of the land. The following program spotlights reveal high-quality Georgia programs that blend online CNA classes with in-person learning opportunities. You may find the perfect match as you peruse these school spotlights, or you can use them to compare against other top CNA schools you research independently. Regardless of which school you choose, you’ll want to use this database to find state-approved CNA classes in Georgia.

Healthcare Academy of Excellence

You’ll benefit from a hybrid learning experience during this four-week course at Healthcare Academy of Excellence, a state-approved program located in Riverdale. You’ll take classes online at your own pace within a two- to three-week timeframe, and then you’ll be able to attend lab training at the Georgia training facility and clinicals in a healthcare setting. Lab training is typically on a weekend, while clinicals happen during the week and take two full days.

You must complete your online training before heading to the lab. Another benefit of the interactive online content is that you can return to your lessons if you miss something or need a refresher.

The entire program is $1,475. A six-week, in-person CNA class is also available at a cost of $875. During these in-person or online CNA classes in Georgia, you’ll learn from team members who are licensed nurses and come from diverse healthcare backgrounds.

Georgia Training Center

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Among Georgia’s selection of CNA classes, the Georgia Training Center in Columbus may have the most diverse menu of options. Here, you can earn your CNA licensure by completing classes in person, on weekends, or in a blended online and in-person environment.

Both the traditional and hybrid programs cost $900, while the weekend classes total $1,000. You will also be responsible for the cost of your physical exam, uniform, and state testing fee. Completing any of these state-certified programs will qualify you to sit before the board to become certified through state testing.

Specific to the hybrid option, students complete the first three weeks online at their own pace and then come into the school for the remaining three weeks for lab and clinical work.

To apply, you must pass a background check, drug test, and be at least 18 years old. A GED or high school diploma is not required.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

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Interested in completing your online CNA classes in Georgia in just four weeks? Wiregrass Georgia Technical College has your program: a four-week fast track CNA program that is delivered in a blended format. You’ll attend to coursework online two days a week, and you’ll also attend classes two days a week in person at one of the school’s four Georgia campuses — Coffee, Ben Hill-Irwin, Valdosta, or Cook.

The cost per participant for the fast-track hybrid program is $850. Upon successful completion of the course and lab work, students’ names are submitted to the state, and they are then authorized to sit for CNA certification testing.

As a Wiregrass Georgia Technical College student, you’ll have access to extensive student services — including career counseling, career assessment, pre- and post-placement test remediation, tutoring service referrals, study skills assistance, and general problem resolution assistance.

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How to Become a CNA in Georgia Online

If you’re sure becoming a CNA is right for you, but you aren’t sure what to expect from online CNA classes in Georgia, read the following section. We detail the five steps required to become a licensed practitioner in Georgia. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what to expect from coursework and what you’ll need to do afterward to earn and maintain your CNA license.

Step 1: Meet Basic Background Requirements

Before applying to online CNA classes in Georgia, you’ll benefit from checking each program’s admission requirements. Admission requirements may vary slightly between schools, but most programs tend to require a criminal background check and drug test, a high school diploma or GED, and a physical examination. Some programs may require you to be at least 16 years old, while most want candidates who are at least 18 years of age. You may also need a CPR certification, and you’ll benefit from soft skills such as empathy, patience, and excellent communication skills to thrive in this role.

Step 2: Graduate from an Approved CNA Program

In your state-approved classes, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to support nurses and patients in healthcare facilities. You’ll learn vital signs monitoring, patient hygiene, and patient communication. Once you graduate, you’ll be eligible for certification as a CNA. But before get to work, you’ll need to pass your exam.

Step 3: Take the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program Competency Examination (NNAP)

After you graduate from an approved Georgia CNA class, you’ll need to sit for the NNAAP exam. This exam, which consists of an oral portion and a skills demonstration, evaluates your knowledge in key areas of healthcare such as patient care, hygiene, safety, and communication. Passing this exam proves your mastery in providing care to patients in healthcare settings. Once you pass this exam, you’re ready to begin your CNA career.

Step 4: Start Working as a CNA

As a CNA, you’re eligible to work in nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare sites. CNA responsibilities revolve around providing basic care to patients under the supervision of other healthcare practitioners. In addition to the basics — taking vital signs, helping patients with mobility, turning and repositioning patients, and bathing, dressing, and feeding them — CNAs spend a lot of time with patients and caretakers. Therefore, one of your key tasks is to provide emotional support to patients and their families.

Step 5: Renew Your CNA License Periodically

In Georgia, if you want to remain on the registry so you can work in a licensed facility, you must have worked as a CNA for pay for a minimum of eight hours within the last 24 consecutive months under the supervision of a registered nurse. You will renew your CNA license using the State of Georgia’s renewal application every 24 months.

Salary and Career Prospects for CNAs in Georgia

Below, you’ll find two tables providing a snapshot of the career opportunities and median salaries for CNAs in Georgia. They offer a promising outlook for CNAs, as nurse aides in Georgia are in high demand. Georgia currently has an average of 4,900 CNA jobs open annually; nationally, you’ll find about 187,000 nurse aides positions available every year.

Although these are not typically high-paying jobs, the CNA role is growing at 18.8% in Georgia, which is more than double the national average of 8.3%. Plus, CNAs can pursue further education and move up in the healthcare field. This all highlights the great need in the nation and in Georgia for qualified healthcare professionals.

Salaries vary across the state, but many areas in Georgia — especially the urban regions — offer competitive compensation for CNAs; for example, the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell area pays CNAs an average of $48,570 in the high-earning 90th percentile. However, most wages, especially in rural regions, are not nearly this high. Hinesville pays a median of $26,830, which is compared to the national median salary of $35,760 and Georgia’s median of $29,850.

Location10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
Albany, GA$21,700$29,150$36,440
Athens-Clarke County, GA$22,880$29,490$36,730
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA$26,090$31,830$48,570
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC$23,180$29,540$37,870
Brunswick, GA$23,280$30,020$35,260
Columbus, GA-AL$22,270$28,030$34,980
Dalton, GA$23,870$30,240$36,540
Gainesville, GA$23,950$29,850$39,240
Hinesville, GA$21,830$26,830$38,480
Macon, GA$22,870$28,520$36,600
Rome, GA$23,530$29,820$36,170
Savannah, GA$23,940$29,650$36,090
Valdosta, GA$21,970$28,730$34,950
Warner Robins, GA$22,660$29,490$36,180

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

AreaNew Jobs (2020-2030)Growth RateAvg. Annual Openings
United States115,3008.3%187,000

Source: Projections Central

Answering Your Questions About Online CNA Classes in Georgia

As you learn more about Georgia’s online CNA classes, questions and concerns may arise. This should be expected. You might wonder about costs as well as testing and admission requirements, which can send you searching the internet for answers. To make this process easier, we’ve compiled and answered prospective CNA student concerns below.

Are there 2-week CNA classes online in Georgia?

You can find CNA classes in Georgia that can be completed in two weeks of online work, followed by a few weeks of on-campus and clinical learning. This is typical of accelerated programs, but the course is not completely online. For example, the Healthcare Academy of Excellence CNA Blended Online & In-Person Course consists of online coursework within a 2-3 week timeframe followed by laboratory training at their training facility. This course also consists of two days of clinicals in a healthcare setting.

Can you take CNA classes online in Georgia?

You can take online CNA classes in Georgia that are offered in hybrid or blended formats. For example, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers a four-week fast-track CNA program that meets two days a week face to face and two days a week online. Georgia Training Center’s Nurse Aide Training Program offers a blended program that meets online and in person.

Do free online CNA courses offer certificates of completion?

Yes. Some online CNA courses in Georgia offer certificates of completion, though not all of them provide formal certificates. The Goodwill Training Academy offers certificates for CNAs, as does Southeast Georgia Health System. You’ll want to research course details and requirements provided by the school or organization offering the course. Some schools also offer financial aid and scholarships specially for CNA students.

How long does it take to be a CNA in Georgia?

According to the Georgia Department of Community Health, Georgia requires at least 85 hours of training, including 24 hours of clinical rotation in a facility supervised by an RN or LPN. However, the length of your program depends on whether you enroll in a traditional or accelerated program. Some accelerated programs take only four weeks to complete, while a traditional program can take longer.

How much do CNA classes cost in Georgia?

CNA training programs vary in costs. Students typically spend between $400 and $1,500 for a CNA training program, plus fees for classroom materials and uniforms. Some programs are free. For example, the University of West Georgia’s CNA program costs $1,075, while Southeast Georgia Health Systemoffers free certified nursing assistant training.

What’s the fastest you can become a Georgia CNA?

The fastest way to become a CNA in Georgia is to take accelerated courses. Many of these programs can be completed within four weeks. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is a great example of an accelerated program — at only $850 per participant, this program only requires four weeks to complete and is delivered in a hybrid format.