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Essential Resources for Medical & Health Students (& Professionals)

Students who choose to work in medicine or healthcare have an exciting and highly rewarding career in store. But of course, the journey to get to that career might present challenges, such as finding the right school, figuring out the required certifications (if necessary), passing the require examinations and of course, deciding how to pay for it all. The good news is that there are many resources available to help students through the educational aspect, as well as resources to help them when they do land that career and begin working in the healthcare field. This guide provides a list of those resources to get you started on the road to success – no matter where in the journey you are.

Education & Training

The single biggest challenge for anyone working toward a career in healthcare is getting the necessary education. This applies not only to prospective healthcare students, but to those currently working in the medical profession. You might be starting from scratch, about to attend your very first college class. Or you might be in the midst of a comfortable career but feel the need to enhance your management prospects or have your eye on that promotion. Or perhaps you’re in healthcare already, but you’re quite interested in making a lateral move to another area of the hospital or clinic. Whatever the case may be, additional education can help you get there. These resources are a great place to begin the important job of getting through the training and education you’ll need to pursue something new.

30 Solutions to the 10 Common Mistakes College Freshmen Make

If you’re preparing to start your first year of college, make sure you’re ready by knowing the most common mistakes that freshmen make and how to avoid them.

Are You (Culturally) Competent? A Guide for Nursing Students

Cultural competence is one of the most important healthcare topics today — a concept that, when employed, improves patient outcomes and instills trust. Learn how to become more culturally competent through this comprehensive and practical guide.

Assistive Technology in College: Tools for Student Success

Assistive technology can make or break college success for certain groups of students. This guide covers the who, what, how, and why of assistive technology for online college students.

Beating Burnout: An Online Survival Guide for College Students

Burnout can strike any student. Feelings of exhaustion and lack of interest are just a few of the signs. Learn what to do before burnout takes a toll.

Code of Ethics for Nurses: A Comprehensible Breakdown for Students

Ethics lie at the heart of delivering the best patient care possible. Read on to learn the most important parts of the Code of Ethics for Nurses and how nursing students can master the art of delivering ethical care while still in school.

College Application Fee Waivers & Discounts for Students

College application and other fee waivers can save you a ton of money. Learn about these waivers and other ways to reduce the cost of getting into college.

Cracking the Admissions Code: How to Get into Medical School

Find out what med schools are looking for, learn how to start preparing as an undergrad, and get advice on navigating the admissions process from a real expert.

Credits, Write-offs, & Tax Breaks for College Students

Looking to save on college expenses? Find out what you can and can’t deduct, which tax credits are available, and discover which education savings accounts that pay off.

Food Insecurity in College: Fighting Student Hunger on Campus

Learn how food insecurity is being fought by colleges and communities, find out where help exists, and find resources and expert advice for combating hunger while in school.

Graduating from Nursing School Debt-Free: How to Finish School Without Breaking the Bank

Learn how to graduate debt free from nursing school with expert advice, resources, and money-saving tips to help reduce college expenses.

How to Ace the SAT: A Student’s Guide to Exam Success

Getting accepted into your dream school requires a strong application; having high test scores can help you stand out from the competition. Read on to learn how you can ace the SAT and be better prepared for your future collegiate studies.

How to Budget for Nursing School: Saving for Your Future in Healthcare

Discover the keys to successful financial planning and learn how to create a nursing school budget that works with your needs so you can reach your career goals in healthcare.

How to Get & Stay Organized: A Guide for Nursing Students

Do you struggle with organizing your nursing school schedule and assignments? This guide gives you the tools, strategies, and resources you need to get your life in order and be successful in your studies.

Learn How to Lean into Your Learning Style as an Online Student

Succeeding in online classes is as much about knowing how you learn as it is about learning the material. Keep reading to learn more.

Level-Up Your Test-Taking Skills with These Beginner to Expert Strategies

Improve your college test-taking performance with the beginner, intermediate, and expert exam and study skills in this guide.

Nailing Your Netiquette: Key Communication Skills for Online Students

Learn the do’s and don’ts of online communication with professors and other students, discover the pitfalls of emails and message boards, and get advice from a real-life netiquette expert.

New Nurse Guide: How to Master Time Management in Nursing School

As an online nursing student, knowing how to manage your time effectively is essential. Learn how to do so with this guide.

Nursing Compact States: What Every Nurse Needs to Know

Learn what every nurse needs to know about the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact, including advantages, drawbacks, licensure requirements, and relocating.

Nursing School Accreditation: What You Need to Know

Accreditation for nursing school can be confusing. Keep reading to learn what sort of accreditation you need to look for when choosing a nursing school and program.

Obesity Awareness & Resources for College Students

Learn how the obesity epidemic impacts college students and hear from a nutrition expert about staying healthy and preventing obesity as a student.

Patient Safety for Nursing Students: How to Use Trauma-Informed Care & SBAR

Learn how trauma-informed care and SBAR can make your patients safer and lead to better health outcomes.

Preventing Cheating & Plagiarism as an Online Student

Recognizing & Preventing Cheating and Plagiarism in Online School

Quiz: Which Allied Health Career Should You Choose?

Allied Health is a growing field with numerous job opportunities. Let us help you choose which path to take.

Registered Nurse Requirements: Your Roadmap to State Licensure

You've done the hard work to become a nurse, don't let licensing requirements trip you up. Keep reading for a state-by-state breakdown on what to do.

Resource Guide to Acing Your Nursing School Entrance Exams

Preparing to take your Nursing School Entrance Exam to take can be stressful. With this guide we aim to clear up any confusion and give you a step-by-step path to acing your nursing school exams.

RN vs ADN vs BSN: Which Nursing Degree Path is Right for You?

You know you want to become a nurse, but there are so many ways to do so that it can be hard to know which is best. Keep reading to see how RN, BSN, and ADN paths compare.

Student Loan Forgiveness & Repayment Programs for Nurses

Discover how you can say goodbye to your debt with student loan forgiveness and repayment programs. Find out about eligibility requirements, learn how to apply, and get the information you need to get your debt forgiven today.

Student's Guide to Financial Wellness in College and Beyond

Set yourself up for future success by learning and applying these key financial wellness strategies as a college student.

Studying to Succeed: How to Ace the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE)

Get the inside scoop on how to ace the NPTE from understanding how the test is formatted and finding the study strategy that works for you to hearing from a professional PT who passed the exam himself.

Take Control of Your Education: The Benefits of Online College

Online degree programs are booming, and college students are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it. But what are those exactly? Read on to learn why getting a degree online might be the best academic decision you make.

The Nursing Shortage: How Can Current & Future Nurses Benefit?

The nursing shortage is an increasingly dire issue in the US. We need more nurses than ever before. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this growing job market.

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your 1st Nursing Interview

You’ve finished nursing school and passed the NCLEX; the only thing left is your nursing interview. Read on to learn what you need to know to ace it.

The Undergraduate's Guide to Summer Research and Internship Opportunities

Looking for a summer research or internship opportunity? Check out our list of programs tailored specifically for undergraduate students in STEM or Healthcare.

Volunteering & Internships as a Nursing Student

Practical experience is so important as an aspiring nurse. Explore volunteer and internship opportunities that can help you get started.

Writing for Nurses: Improve Your Skills from Classroom to Clinic

As a nursing student, knowing how to write well is important for you to succeed in and out of school. This guide will help you hone your writing skills in school so you enter the field with everything you need.

Health & Wellness

College is a challenging time on many levels. Even when classes are relatively easy, there’s still the task of balancing personal and work lives with what the school requires. For some, there’s intense pressure to graduate and get the highest grades possible. So, it’s common for college students, especially those in medical and health-related programs, to be under a lot of stress – and as everyone knows, as stress levels go up, good health can begin to suffer.

Finding some time to relax, breathe, and simply step away from school for a day is healthy and strongly encouraged. Here are a few ideas to help students to stay healthy, relax, and reduce their stress levels. Some of these resources have suggestions that might take time away from school, but the benefits will more than make up for any lost time studying.

College Student’s Guide to Using Social Media Responsibly

If you’re a 21st century student, you’re probably active on at least one social media platform. This guide will help you learn how to build a digital footprint you can be proud of and one that will set you up for success in and out of the classroom.

How to Navigate Grief and Loss as a College Student

For college students, experiencing grief can impact performance and motivation in school. This guide outlines the various stages of grief and provides information on how students can seek out the support they need to get through these challenging times.

Mental Health & Wellness for Nursing Students

Learn about self-care strategies and find outside resources for overcoming mental health challenges during nursing school.

Preventing Sexual Assault in College: Student Support & Safety Advice

Learn how sexual assault impacts college students, find out how to keep yourself and others safe while on campus, and get resources that can help prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

Ready, Set, Vote: A College Student's Guide to First-Time Voting

College is full of firsts, including voting. Knowing where and how to participate in the next election can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more.

Social Wellness in College: Maintain and Build Connections in Online Classes

Many students worry that getting a degree online means losing touch with friends who move away for school. Read on to learn about how you can maintain old relationships—and build meaningful new relationships—while going to school online.

Taking a Stand: How to Be a Student Activist in College

Learn how to become a student activist in college. Get valuable tips, expert advice, and helpful resources as you advocate for the causes important to you.

The College Student’s Guide to Health Insurance

Understanding health insurance: a how-to guide for students that covers finding, buying and using insurance in college.

The Green Life: How to Be Environmentally Conscious in College

Learn what you can do to make a difference as a college student and beyond with tips for going green on campus, with your degree, and when you volunteer.

Special Interest Students

Sometimes, it pays to be a little different. Students who are of a minority group, those who served in the military, or even those who choose a career a bit off the beaten path can all find resources and assistance that is tailored to their special status. This also applies to those who are choosing a career on the basis of being able to help those who are members of underserved groups, or those who are members of certain groups that need help in a special way, such as wounded veterans or those with disabilities.

The following is a list of organizations and resources that can help students with special interests. Keep in mind that this list is just a starting point – there are thousands of special interest groups out there!

Accessing the American Dream: Pursuing College as an Undocumented Student

Learn how earning a college degree can differ for undocumented students and find information and resources to make your dream of higher education possible.

Balancing Parenthood and College: Resources, Scholarships, and Support for Single Parents

Find the support you need to succeed in college as a single parent with our comprehensive guide to college success. Click here to learn more and start your journey!

Beyond the Label: How to be a Successful Neurodivergent College Student

Are you a neurodivergent student interested in a healthcare education? If so, use this guide to learn about what college might look like for you and how you can successfully earn a degree.

College & Autism: Insight and Resources for Students with ASD

With the right supports in place, students with autism spectrum disorder can thrive in the college setting. Learn what to expect on your road to higher education and get advice and resources for making the college transition smooth.

College Planning for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

Discover how assistive technology, classroom accommodations, and online learning can make earning a college degree possible for students with hearing loss and gather helpful higher education resources.

College Student Rights: Learn Them Now to Protect Yourself Later

Students in college have certain rights that protect their ability to get a safe and fair education. Read on to learn everything you need to know about them.

First-Generation College Students: Resources & Support

Resources and support abound for first-generation college students in healthcare. Discover solutions to common challenges and get financial and expert help.

Housing Insecurity & College: A Resource for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Students experiencing homelessness often face additional challenges when it comes to the college experience. Learn about the support that exists for housing insecure students, gather useful resources, and get expert tips on finding success in college.

Minority Students & Healthcare Education: An Online Guide to School Success

Minority students studying to become doctors, nurses, and other allied health professions face a number of unique challenges. If you identify as minority, find key resources and uncover solutions that can make a difference.

Online College & Students with Visual Impairment

If you have a visual disability, then this guide will help you decide if online school is right for you and choose the right program.

Preparation Guide for First-Time College Students

Whether you’re starting out online or in-person, feeling prepared for your first year at college is an important step on the road to school success. Learn how you can ready yourself for college-level studies with advice and resources.

Preparation Timeline for Parents of College-Bound Students

As a parent of a student with dreams of going to college, the process can be just as stressful and overwhelming for you as it is for them. This guide will help you learn about everything you can do to help them prepare for, and succeed in, college.

Resources & Support for ESL/ELL College Students

Explore dozens of carefully vetted resources—including lots that are free—for ESL teachers, students of all ages, and families.

Resources and Support for Nursing Students Coping with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can affect anyone, and nursing students are no exception. If you’re going to nursing school, use this guide to learn about the warning signs of eating disorders and how you can get the help you need for recovery.

Small Steps, Big Change: Becoming an Antiracist Healthcare Student

Antiracism is an important practice for future healthcare professionals who want to give equitable care to all their patients. Use this guide to discover actionable steps you can take today to become an effective antiracist student advocate.

Student Renters Guide: How to Find Housing in College

From picking a property that meets your needs and staying within your budget to recognizing rental scams and warning signs, learn how college students can make their first time renting a success.

The Nontraditional Student’s Guide to College Success

Nontraditional students face different hurdles when getting their bachelor’s degree. Learn how to overcome these challenges and have the confidence to succeed.

Women in STEM: Options, Opportunities, and Resources

STEM is a rewarding path for women looking at careers in healthcare. Check out these options, opportunities, and resources to help you chart your path to a STEM degree.

Health Professionals

Whether you’ve reached your dream career in healthcare or you’re working one job while going to school to pursue something more advanced, being a healthcare professional doesn’t mean you’re done learning. In fact, most of your learning may still be ahead of you. Healthcare professional, whether a medical assistant or a nurse practitioner, are constantly gaining new knowledge, fine-tuning their existing skills, and taking on new and challenging responsibilities.

The following resources can help you, as a health professional, be a better practitioner, take your skills to new states, expand your professional network, and much more.

Find a Nursing Organization Near You

If you’re interested in expanding your nursing community, connecting with others in your specialty, or accessing more resources, joining a nursing organization might be right for you. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Combat Disparities in Healthcare for Minority Populations

Minority groups often experience huge disparities in quality of and access to healthcare. This guide covers the measures that can be taken to limit or mitigate this, starting with comprehensive diversity training.

How to Combat Nursing Burnout: A Guide for Nurses and Students

Nursing burnout can seriously impact your school and career performance, mental health, and overall well-being. Learn these strategies to combat burnout and stress as a nurse or nursing student.

Men in Nursing: Challenges, Solutions, Resources and Support

Male nurses and nursing students face unique challenges. Keep reading to explore these challenges (and their solutions) in-depth, and find resources and support services to maximize school and career success.

Night Shift Nursing: A Survival Guide for Nurses and Nursing Students

Quickly adapt to a night shift schedule with this survival guide. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks to make the transition a smooth one.