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The organizations featured below are just a snippet of the hundreds that have supported EduMed by helping allied health, nursing, and healthcare students and professionals alike connect with our material.

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Discover the colleges and universities that have showcased our annual rankings.

University-Backed Guidebooks

Explore our top resources that have been most recognized by libraries, colleges, universities, and other reputable organizations.

Scholarships & Resources for Undocumented Students

Undocumented students have a number of resources available to help them with college. Find scholarships, grants, and resources for undocumented students in 2024.

Careers & Degrees in Healthcare: A Guide for Students with Disabilities

Medical and health careers present opportunity for many, including students with disabilities. Learn how to thrive with a disability in a healthcare career or degree program.

Pay Less for Education: How to Take Charge of Your Financial Aid

Learn to make the most of your financial aid and research. Understand the options available to medical support students, from scholarships and service programs to work study and student loans.

Minority Students & Healthcare Education: An Online Guide to School Success

Minority students studying to become doctors, nurses, and other allied health professions face a number of unique challenges. If you identify as minority, find key resources and uncover solutions that can make a difference.

Top Online Accredited Rad Tech Programs for 2024

Get the training you need from an accredited radiology tech school online. See top programs, how it works, and how to move your career forward today.

EduMed Careers Guide: Nursing & Allied Health

Thinking about a career in healthcare? Explore careers by salary level, growth rate, and time to entry. Also find non-traditional careers in the industry.

Student Military Veterans
College Scholarships & Resources for Military Veterans

Student veterans have a massive opportunity to leverage resources and scholarships to earn a college degree. Find some of today’s best opportunities for veterans today.

Scholarships & Resources for Students with Visual Disabilities

Students with visual disabilities should have access to resources and scholarships as they pursue higher education. See which resources and aid are available in 2024.

Resources & Support for College Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or Dyscalculia

From collecting tools and resources to learning your rights, students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia can find the support they need.

Top Online RN Programs & Nursing Schools for 2024

Nursing students have numerous online programs to choose from. Review today’s best accredited nursing & RN programs online.

Healthcare Professionals & Suicide: Awareness, Prevention, First Steps to Help

Addressing the high rates of suicide among healthcare workers begins with awareness. Learn how to detect warning signs and find out where and how to get help.

The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness

The best defense again a sudden crisis is a solid emergency response plan. Learn what hospitals and health care professionals can do to plan and prepare for a health emergency.

Scholarships & Resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Students

Native American and Alaskan Native students have a number of scholarships and resources available to help them with their college journeys. Find more than 25 sources of college aid for members of these communities.

Diversity in Healthcare

Learn how increased diversity and representation in our healthcare system leads to safer, healthier, and stronger communities. And how you can help make it all happen.

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