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When patients need basic care, healthcare facilities in Los Angeles rely on LVNs to give them the help they need. If you have a passion for helping others and have been thinking about becoming part of the nursing profession, earning a Licensed Vocational Nurse certification is the quickest way to get your foot in the door and build a solid foundation of nursing knowledge. LVN programs in Los Angeles provide access to the latest information on medical care for children, seniors, and others who rely on nurses for care.

Keep reading for information about campus-based and online LVN programs in Los Angeles, including what specific programs entail, the skills you will learn throughout the program, and the salary you may earn after graduation.

College Spotlights: Best LVN Programs in Los Angeles

An integral part of the healthcare system, LVNs are required to receive specialized training that will prepare them for the demands of the job. To help you find LVN programs in Los Angeles that will provide proper training to enter the field, we have compiled a list of the best state-approved programs in the area for 2022. These schools were chosen based on their accreditation, affordability, and support services for students. Continue reading to get information on some of the top schools on our curated list.

American Career College

American Career College offers an LVN diploma program designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in diverse healthcare settings such as medical clinics, long-term care facilities, and acute care hospitals. To help them prepare for the rigors of the job, as well as the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), students are taught the skills they will need, including how to administer medication to patients, take vital signs, collect samples that are used for routine testing, and monitor how patients respond to different medications and treatments. To teach these skills, the program requires that students complete a curriculum made up of four modules (Introduction to Client-Centered Care, Care of the Client with Health Care Deviations I, Care of the Client with Health Care Deviations II, and Advanced Client-Centered Care). This curriculum lasts 13 weeks for students who enroll on weekdays and 20 weeks for students who attend evenings and weekends. After completing these modules, students take a licensing examination preparation course where they get the opportunity to review the concepts that they’ve learned.

Marian College

The vocational nursing diploma program at Marian College prepares people for an LVN career through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, research, and clinical practice. Students must complete 1,534 clock hours, which includes coursework that covers nursing theory, patient care provided to people throughout the lifespan, and basic nursing skills. The program takes about 14 months to complete for students who attend on a weekday schedule and 18 months for students who attend during the weekend. To graduate, students are required to earn at least a C average in their classes. Marian College graduates go on to work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, private doctor’s offices, and clinics. The program is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and approved by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians.

Angeles College

As of 2019, Angeles College’s vocational nursing program boasts a 100 percent NCLEX pass rate, thanks to its rigorous 1,800-hour curriculum that includes lectures (706 hours), laboratory work (176 hours), and clinical experiences (918 hours). The program takes 52 weeks to complete for full-time students who attend during the day, while part-time students who attend during the weekend can finish in 72 weeks. No matter where students choose to attend, they learn about nursing fundamentals, which include principles of caring, nursing processes, patient education, and the ethical and legal considerations for people in the nursing field. Additionally, students take coursework on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, rehabilitation nursing, and mental health nursing. By the time students graduate, they can use critical thinking skills when making nursing decisions and perform basic patient care ethically and compassionately.

List of State Approved LVN Programs in Los Angeles

SchoolSchool TypeNCLEX-PN Pass Rate (2019)
SchoolSchool TypeNCLEX-PN Pass Rate (2019)

Source: California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians; Most recent data as of Feb. 2022

FAQs About LVN Programs in Los Angeles

What skills do you learn in LVN programs in Los Angeles?

When you work through the curriculum of an LVN program in Los Angeles, you gain numerous invaluable skills, including the ability to conduct assessments on patients, maintain medical records, provide medications, and assist patients with issues related to hygiene and mobility. Also, students in these programs gain strong decision-making skills to prioritize what care a patient needs and communicate effectively with patients, their family members, and members of a healthcare team. LVN programs also teach students computer skills to document a patient’s health issues and ensure medical records are accurate and complete.

How much do LVN programs cost in Los Angeles?

The amount that you can expect to pay for an LVN program in Los Angeles varies depending on the school you choose. Generally, you will be charged a lump sum each semester as you complete the program, or your school may charge by the number of credits you take. To get an idea of how much you may be charged for your tuition, review the information below of three different schools with various price points.

American Career College

LVN Diploma Program

Total Credits: 94.0 quarter credits

$74,362.00/total cost

Marian College

Vocational Nursing Program

Total Credits: 1,534 clock hours

$24,350.00/total cost

Angeles College

Vocational Nursing Program

Total Credits: 1,800 clock hours

$30,500.00/total cost

Can I get financial aid to help pay for my LVN program in Los Angeles?

Yes, several sources of financial aid are available for those who enroll in Los Angeles-based LVN programs. When you apply for financial aid, you may be able to receive scholarships, loans, and grants from various sources, including your school and the state. For example, California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development offers the Licensed Vocational Nurse Loan Repayment Program to help full-time LVNs pay for their loans and the Vocational Nurse Scholarship Program, which awards students up to $4,000 per year to pay for an LVN program in Los Angeles.

For more information on the types of financial aid that you may qualify for, log on to our practical nursing scholarships guide and financial aid guide to find out about your options.

How long do LVN programs in Los Angeles take to finish?

While some programs have specific time frames for how long it takes to work through the curriculum, you can generally complete an LVN program in about a year if you enroll full-time. If you decide to attend as a part-time student, you may be able to complete your studies in about a year and a half.

Inside Look at Online LVN Programs in Los Angeles

Although LVN programs in Los Angeles are not offered entirely online, there are hybrid programs that allow students to take classes online and on-campus. Students can choose to take courses on weekdays during business hours or during evenings and weekends, which gives you an excellent opportunity to incorporate your studies into your lifestyle, no matter what other obligations you may have. After finishing coursework, you will gain hands-on experience at a medical facility where you can apply what you learned in the classroom to real-world patient care under the supervision of experienced professionals. Also, students may be required to take a review class to prepare for the licensing examination.

Common Questions About Online LVN Programs in Los Angeles

Will earning my credential from an online LVN program in Los Angeles impact my ability to get certified or licensed?

No, taking online classes will not impact your ability to get your LVN license or certification. As long as you attend a school that California has approved, the state will grant your license if you meet all the LVN requirements.

Will employers care if I took some of my LVN classes online?

LVN programs offered in Los Angeles are delivered by qualified faculty members who understand what it takes to succeed in the field and provide hands-on experiences that solidify students’ understanding of what they learned in class. Therefore, employers should have no problem with those who take their LVN classes online at an accredited, state-approved institution.

Are online LVN programs more affordable than campus programs in Los Angeles?

Although the tuition costs for LVN programs in Los Angeles are comparable to those that provide online learning, you can save money by enrolling in a hybrid program because you won’t be required to spend money traveling back and forth to campus every day.

Can I complete my LVN training in Los Angeles faster by taking classwork online?

While you may be able to take some of your coursework online, you will still be required to complete a certain number of program hours, including participation in supervised hands-on training at a healthcare facility, so online classes will not expedite your graduation.

LVN Licensing Information and Requirements in Los Angeles

Completing an LVN program in Los Angeles is the first step toward beginning this career. After graduation, people still need to go through the licensing process. To earn a California LVN license, you should:

  • Complete the “Application for Vocational Nurse Licensure” for consideration
  • Submit to fingerprinting with the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Pay a $220.00 fee to the Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians
  • Pass the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical (Vocational) Nursing (NCLEX) or the National League for Nursing Test Pool Practical Nursing Examination (NLN)

How Much You Can Earn as an LVN in Los Angeles

LVNs in Los Angeles can make a healthy yearly salary, with the majority earning between $48,000 and $78,000. This is comparable to what LVNs make across this state but much higher than the national average. Pay will largely come down to individual ability and experience, but other factors like whether you work for a large hospital network or a small family-owned clinic can affect pay as well.

Annual Earnings for Licensed Vocational Nurses in Los Angeles

Location 10th Percentile Median 90th Percentile

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2021

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