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50 Dynamite Discounts for Nursing Students

Both nurses and nursing students give back every day, whether caring for a patient or studying hard for the NCLEX. To reward this constant dedication, we’ve compiled a list of more than 50 discounts and freebies specifically for nurses and nursing students – from travel deals and education resources to work scrubs and car maintenance.

A group of four healthcare professionals in blue scrubs engaging in a discussion while looking at a digital tablet, sitting together in a room with brick walls.

Nurses play a critical role in healthcare. That’s true all the time, but especially during the toughest of times, such as the middle of a pandemic. Nursing students deserve recognition, as well: they’re working tirelessly toward their goal of joining the nursing workforce and delivering top-notch care to the patients who need them. One way to do that is with discounts and other benefits that can help make their lives and pursuits easier. This guide features some of the benefits, discounts, and services available to nurses and nursing students today.


Many nursing students might choose to travel across the country to attend their chosen school. Others might study close to home but want the freedom to travel and enjoy themselves during those hard-earned breaks. Those who engage in online learning might want to simply get away from their usual atmosphere for a while and recharge. These discounts can help, no matter the scenario that leads to that travel.

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In some cases, students must travel for their schooling. Online students might have to appear on campus in person for a period of time, such as a weekend to a few weeks, in order to meet with professors and peers in intensive sessions. Still others will need to travel for residencies, internships, taking tests, or more. In this case, having good hotel, rental care, and even airline discounts can help ease the financial burden.

There are also those who simply want to get away during their breaks. A well-deserved vacation can be made even better by having a little more money in your pocket. These discounts can help, but don’t rely on just these – always check directly with hotels and airlines for deeper discounts, and talk to your school about partnerships they might have with certain chains that can unlock even more deals.

Discounts in Travel

  • Extended Stay America. Nurses who must travel for their job, residency, or other requirements can take advantage of discounts through this chain. Show your current ID to learn what your discount might be.
  • Hotel Deals through NASN. The National Association of Student Nurses provides discounts on hotels at Red Roof Inn, Wyndham, and Motel 6 chains. There is also a discount provided on Hotel Engine, a hotel booking platform. Save up to 26% on hotel stays with this discount.
  • Kayak. This site offers a page dedicated to discounts for healthcare workers, including everything from flights to Airbnb stays. View the offers and follow instructions carefully to secure your discount.
  • NUSA Travel Insurance. Available to members of Nurses USA, this discounted travel insurance is good for domestic and international trips, covering flights, cruises, rental cars, and more.
  • United Airlines. This airline offers a 5% discount on ticket prices for members of the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses. Keep in mind that this is an example; there are many other airlines that offer some sort of discount for those who in the medical professions.

Education and Learning

Nursing students are already pursuing their nursing education, but that’s not the end of the journey. They need to study for the NCLEX. They might choose to take additional courses to enhance their degree. Or they might just be getting started, and intend to move forward into a specialty or a higher degree level. Discounts on learning and education can come in handy no matter where the student is in their personal timeline.

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You’re already paying tuition, and that’s expensive. You might also be paying for room and board. Anything that makes the financial bottom line a little better for your checking account is a good thing, so take advantage of any way to save a bit of money here and there. Save on continuing education classes by looking for free or discounted options. Get your updated certifications through places that offer them for free, such as the American Red Cross, or look for ways to get those certifications in exchange for helping out the community.

Don’t forget school supplies and the variety of places to find them. Discount stores are great, but so are yard sales and thrift stores, where you can often find folders, paper, pens, and other items for cheap. If you’re in need of a laptop or other tech that is often quite expensive, contact the company directly to ask about discounts on their products, or go to your local big-box technology store and ask about promotions.

And remember: It never hurts to ask! Just because you don’t see a promotion or discount listed doesn’t mean one isn’t available to you.

Discounts in Education and Learning

  • American Red Cross. Not only can nurses and aspiring nurses get their first aid and other certifications here for cheap or free, they can also take advantage of low-cost or free continuing education credits.
  • CEU Group – Continuing Education. Nurses who need those continuing education credits can get in touch with CEU Group for discounts on their studies. Expect to save 10-15%.
  • Lenovo / HP. These popular brands offer steep discounts to National Student Nurses’ Association members, from 30-52%, depending upon the item.
  • Office Max / Office Depot. Members of the NSNA are eligible for a whopping 75% off their purchase at these two stores, as well as free delivery, where applicable.
  • NCLEX-RN Study from Wolters Kluwer. This site offers a 25% discount to NSNA members on the NCLEX-RN study resources.

Nursing Scrubs, Uniforms, and Equipment

Nurses must have certain clothing and equipment to do their job properly. From the ever-present scrubs to a reliable watch to proper shoes, a comfortable day-to-day uniform is a must. But those uniforms are not cheap! Student nurses can always use a boost in finances through discounts on the things that matter most for their day-to-day work attire.

Look Locally

As anyone in the healthcare world will tell you, it’s impossible to have too many sets of scrubs. A nurse’s work clothing lives a rather tough life, and even the most durable fabrics wear out fast. That’s why so many healthcare workers snatch up scrubs for sale through yard sales, thrift stores, and ads in the local paper. Look to your local hospitals or clinics for potential “swap days” or other events where nurses can exchange clothing with others or get deep discounts and sales on scrubs and uniforms offered by outside vendors.

Some schools provide a pair of scrubs for their students; if so, take advantage of this benefit as often as you can, which might be once per semester. Never hesitate to ask your department head for information on where to find the best discounted equipment and uniforms; they know what it’s like to be a nurse on a budget, and will probably have a few great ideas to help save a bit on your bottom line. The following discounts can help a bit, too.

Discounts in Nursing Scrubs, Uniforms, and Equipment

  • 3M School Sales Program. When an organization purchases 10 Littman Stethoscopes, they get one free. In a large school population, this can add up fast!
  • Crocs. This iconic brand of shoes is common in hospitals and clinics. Student discounts are available, as well as potentially a free pair of Crocs, given away as a gesture of support to healthcare workers.
  • Ear Savers. This innovative technology uses 3D printers to create ear guards to prevent chafing and pain for those who wear masks all day, every day. Sign up to get a set for free, or get the free template to use on your own 3D printer.
  • Figs. Looking for discounted scrubs? Students receive 15% off their entire purchase with the verification of their student ID.
  • Scrubs and Beyond. Members of the National Student Nurses’ Association are eligible for a 10% discount on both in-store and online purchases. Stethoscopes and other accessories are included in the promotion.
  • Uniform City. This is another site that offers a NSNA membership discount of 10% off any in-store or online purchases of scrubs and accessories.

Medical, Prescriptions, Healthcare, Wellness

As nurses and student nurses provide medical care to those in need, it’s important to not forget themselves. They also need medical care, prescriptions, healthcare coverage, and wellness benefits, such as going to a gym or engaging in a tailored dietary plan. Getting this proper care can keep a nurse healthier, which in turns gives them the opportunity to give better care to their patients. Therefore, these discounts help everyone.

Look Locally

Nursing students have an advantage when it comes to this category, as they often work for clinics, hospitals, medical practices, and the like. Given that, their options for medical and healthcare support, as well as their ability to tap into deep discounts on prescriptions and wellness, might be much better than other students could expect. That’s why you should start with your employer or school. Ask about the discounts offered in your local area to those who are working in the field or studying to become a nurse. You might even find some free options when it comes to massages, gym memberships, wellness opportunities with local organizations, and much more.

You might also be able to partner with those who have the same goals as you, such as finding an accountability partner for exercise, a dietician who is happy to help you with a meal plan in exchange for your assistance with exercise, or other options that lead to not only better health, but more contacts in the community.

Discounts in Medical, Prescriptions, Healthcare, Wellness

  • ASRN Pharmacy Discount Card. This benefit of the American Society of Registered Nurses offers 20-80% off prescriptions. This pharmacy discount card is also good for spouses or family members.
  • Auego Health Insurance Marketplace. Members of the National Student Nurses’ Association are eligible for discounts through Auego Benefits. How much that discount is depends upon the plan, state you live in, and other factors.
  • Down Dog App. This app is offered complimentary for students and teachers through at least the end of January 2021. Fill out the application to get access to the Down Dog app for in-home yoga instruction.
  • IPSA Healthcare Professional Discount Card. This card offers discounts on treatments, services, and products that are promoted by IPSA. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are eligible.
  • Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy Products. Student nurses who hold a professional healthcare license can qualify for a 10% discount on aromatherapy and related products.
  • SitterCity. Part of relaxation is finding time away, and that can be tough for student nurses who are also juggling family obligations. SitterCity offers three months premium service for free for those who are working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 crisis.

Transportation and Auto

Those who commute to school will be happy to find discounts on oil changes, auto insurance, and more. Even if you’re in online school, you are likely working in a clinic, hospital, or other healthcare setting and have to commute, whether by your own vehicle, public transportation, ridesharing, and the like. These discounts can help nursing students save a bit on this essential service.

Look Locally

When it comes to savings on transportation, always start with the local options. Is there public transportation that might be much cheaper than the gas, plus wear-and-tear on your vehicle? If so, go that route and look for discounts to slash your costs even further. If you must purchase a vehicle, local auto dealerships might be more than happy to give you a discount for being a student, and perhaps a bit extra for being a healthcare worker. It never hurts to ask!

When it comes to handling your vehicle costs, such as oil changes and tune-ups, many dealerships are happy to offer a small discount for those with valid nursing or medical credentials. Combine that with a student discount and watch the savings add up, especially for significant auto repairs.

Finally, don’t forget about auto insurance. Many insurance companies offer a nice discount for those who are helping out the community, like nurses and first responders. A student discount for good grades is another option that many will take to take advantage of while in school.

Discounts in Transportation and Auto

  • American Auto Association. AAA’s roadside service is now available to frontline healthcare workers who need assistance while on the road. The service is free for healthcare workers; if you are a student nurse working in a clinic, hospital, or the like, you will likely qualify.
  • Mazda Essential Car Care. If you own a Mazda, you can get enhanced cleaning and free oil changes from dealerships across the country. This is available to healthcare workers, including nurses and potentially, student nurses. Check with your local dealership to determine if you’re eligible. Don’t drive a Mazda? Keep in mind that many other car companies might offer something similar.
  • National Nurses United Vehicle Purchase Program. NNU members looking to purchase a vehicle can purchase a Mazda, Ford, Nissan, or General Motors vehicle at designated dealerships for the fleet price.
  • Nationwide. Members of the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) are eligible for auto insurance discounts through Nationwide. Keep in mind that many insurance companies have this kind of discount offer in place for a variety of nursing associations, or simply for those who can present nursing or medical credentials.
  • Rental Car Discounts for ASNA Members. Members of the American Student Nurses’ Association can get discounts of up to 25% on rental cars from Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. Coupon codes and special phone lines must be used to receive the discount.
  • Uber. This popular ridesharing and food delivery app provides free rides for healthcare workers. Hospitals and clinics can partner with Uber to offer this feature, while workers can find their own rides through Uber Health.


After a long shift or hours of study – or both! – sometimes all you want to do is get home and relax. But what if you’re worried about keeping that roof over your head? What if you’re looking for a home, but money is just too tight? These programs and discounts can help you get into the home you deserve, and help you keep it when times get tough.

Look Locally

If you’re looking to buy a house, there are numerous options available to you as an aspiring nurse. Granted, some of these might have to wait until you have that license in hand, but there is no reason you can’t start looking for your dream home before graduation. Get your finances and paperwork in order now, so that when it’s time to apply for the programs listed below, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

When it’s time to start looking, speak to local realtors about options in your area for savings on closing costs, realtor fees, and more. Your employer, especially if it’s a larger hospital system, might also have options in place for employees who want to own a home in the local area. Never hesitate to ask!

If you’re renting and find yourself in difficult straits, there are options that might help you as well. Look to your school and employer for potential financial help, which might be offered in the form of one-time hardship grants. Some local organizations are in place to help with utilities, rent, and other necessities of life; look into them by connecting with hospital social workers or social services departments in your local area.

Discounts in Housing

  • American Nurses Foundation. The ANF provides financial assistance to those who are facing hardship, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. This one-time grant, which can be used for paying rent and utilities, is available to those holding an active nursing license.
  • Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund. This fund is designed to help medical professionals and other frontline workers with paying closing costs on a home.
  • Homes for Heroes. This program helps with real estate costs by providing rebates, discounts, and free options for those seeking to buy a home. Nurses and healthcare professionals are eligible for help.
  • Hometown Heroes. This organization helps nurses, healthcare workers, and others in the service professions by passing along savings from realtors and other home-related professionals.
  • MetLife Choice. This discount available to NursesUSA members is good not only for home insurance, but for auto insurance as well, making even more savings possible through bundled plans.
  • Nurse Next Door. A counterpart to the popular Teacher Next Door, this program offers home buying options for nurses and medical staff, including grants of up to $6,000 and down payment assistance of up to over $10,000.


As technology takes center stage in the healthcare field, it’s important for all providers to keep up. That’s especially true for those in online courses, where technology is a must in order to handle their studies. That means a reliable computer, laptop, or tablet is required, as are the accessories they might need, such as headphones or upgraded video capabilities. Technology discounts are great for students right now, as well as for those students after they become full-fledged nurses.

Look Locally

Start with your school. What kind of technology do they offer? Some schools provide laptops for each new student, which the student can keep upon graduation. Other schools provide deep discounts if students buy a laptop or other technology through the school’s partnerships with places like Dell, HP, and Apple. If the school doesn’t offer free tech or partner discounts, it’s a sure bet they can direct you to places that do.

Then look to your local area, including your employer, the hospital, clinics in the area, and the like. Do they offer programs that allow student nurses, or nurses in general, to take advantage of savings on technology? Is there a particular technology used in the healthcare systems in that area that is a must for you if you intend to work there? Start looking into the costs and options now, so you can be prepared when you graduate.

If you’re having trouble affording the tech you need for online school or work as a nurse, speak to your financial aid office or department head about where to get help. Grants, scholarships, and loans are available that can help ensure you can afford what you need to study and work effectively. The following discounts can also help.

Discounts in Technology

  • Apple. Students who choose a Mac or iPad through Apple can receive free AirPods, as well as discounts on accessories and 20% off AppleCare. A student ID is required for the discount.
  • Cell Phone Discounts. Those nursing students who already hold a valid nursing license can take advantage of discounts through Verizon, AT&T, and other cell phone and broadband internet providers.
  • Speeko. This communication app can help improve speaking and communication skills, which are essential for healthcare workers. Speeko Plus is currently free to those working in the healthcare field.
  • TalkSpace. Those who need someone to talk to while dealing with the pressures of work can take advantage of a 50% off plan for the first month of online or text counseling. Students must have a valid license to get the discount.
  • Ten Percent Happier. This app is currently free to those on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, including nurses and healthcare workers. Guided meditation prompts can help ease the stress of a long day of work and study.

Food and Restaurant

Whether it’s a quick bite you grab at the drive-thru or a fancy dinner you attend as a special treat, food and restaurant discounts can go a long way toward keeping more money in your pocket. You might be surprised by how many restaurants will gladly offer discounts to first responders, nurses, students, and healthcare professionals.

Look Locally

When looking for discounts in restaurants, the path is usually quite easy: Simply show your college ID and get a discount on the spot on your total bill. Some places will give an added discount if they see you are a nursing student. If you work in the field already, such as an RN who has gone back to school to get a master’s degree, you might qualify for special discounts when you show proof of an active nursing license.

What about other places? Though food might not be discounted in grocery stores, it often is through food delivery services or meal plan services that deliver to your door. It’s worth looking into the options before you place an order, as the percentages of money off can add up fast.

Are things really tight – a little too tight? Food pantries and campus food banks can help. There might also be help available through the financial aid office at your school, or through a hardship provision through your employer. As with any other discount or help, remember that it never hurts to ask!

Here are some examples of great discounts to help you get started.

Discounts in Technology

  • BJ’s Wholesale. This large wholesale chain is offering four free months of membership to those in the healthcare field, as well as “Appreciation Hour” during which only those with a valid healthcare ID can enter the store.
  • Mrs. Fields. This gourmet cookie and sweets company is offering their “Heroes” collection, which includes a 25% discount for those in the healthcare field.
  • Outback Steakhouse. This is a good example of what restaurants around the country are doing to help healthcare workers. Expect a discount of 10% off your entire bill with a valid medical ID.
  • PlateJoy. This meal delivery service offers $15 off any of its meal plans with the code HEALTHCARE15 used at checkout. Currently no verification of the student nurse’s information is required.
  • Uber Eats. This popular delivery app is dedicated to helping first responders and frontline workers during the pandemic; therefore, they waive delivery fees for those who work in the healthcare field. Explore the site to determine the eligibility rules in your area.


From discounts at big box stores to a freebie here and there at local mom and pop shops, there are plenty of discounts in retail offered only for those in healthcare or those in training for the field. This can come in handy for everything from home improvement to clothing to jewelry and more. Retail therapy is definitely an option for those who are burned out by their work during the pandemic, those who are feeling the pressure of school, or those who are in the midst of both. These discounts can help with both the things you need and the things you simply want to make life a little easier.

Look Locally

When it comes to the world of retail, many businesses are more than happy to provide discounts – some quite impressive! – for healthcare workers or those who are in training to join the ranks. Sometimes getting these discounts is as easy as showing your school identification card or a personnel card for the local hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility where you complete your clinical requirements. Other times, you might have to sign up online and provide proof of your status in order to receive a discount card, which you then present to the business for a percentage off your purchase.

Look to your local retail establishments to find those that want to assist healthcare workers. They might advertise on campus and invite you to come shop at a discount, offer special weekends or periods of sales just for students, or provide coupons through the nursing school or department that you can pick up from a designated location, such as the department head’s office.

And in some cases, it’s as simple as showing that ID and asking if they provide a discount. Even if it’s not advertised, you might be surprised by how much you can save when a store owner or manager wants to help out – especially as thanks for doing your keeping up with your sometimes brutal work and study schedule during a pandemic.

Here are some examples of great discounts to help you get started.

Discounts in Retail

  • Brooklyn Bedding. This popular brand of mattresses, sheets, and accessories is available for 25% off for first responders. Upload your information to see if you qualify.
  • Love Sac Furniture. Adaptable furniture is available for an additional 5% discount for healthcare workers. The discount is available online or in showrooms; read the terms and conditions to make sure you qualify.
  • Sleep Number. Those seeking a comfortable bed for better sleep can enjoy up to 35% off mattress sets and more with a valid healthcare ID. Go into your local store to discuss the discount you might receive.
  • The North Face. The healthcare workers discount is a good one – up to 50% off this iconic brand through the online store, and 10% off at the outlet stores. You must apply to confirm eligibility.
  • Theragun. This massage therapy must-have is discounted for healthcare workers. Reach out to Theragun with an email to determine what you might be eligible to receive.

Entertainment and Leisure

Blowing off some steam can be a must for nursing students, and that often means turning to entertainment and leisure activities that allow you to unwind. Students are under enough stress as it is with the constant pressure of learning, training, and becoming familiar with the challenges they will face during their nursing career. These discounts can help ensure a guilt-free event that provides some much-needed respite for hard-working students.

Look Locally

Many local entertainment venues will be more than happy to provide student discounts, especially in college towns. They might also be happy to give discounts to those in the healthcare field, as they recognize the value in helping out the first responders, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in the local area. From movie theaters with discounted tickets on special days to all-inclusive spas with discounts for healthcare workers, there is bound to be some fun waiting for you at a lower-than-usual price.

To find good entertainment options in your area, call the venue you want to enjoy, or speak with your school’s resource or admissions office – they often have a list of places students can enjoy for cheap. You might also check with your department head, who could give you more targeted options that are dedicated to providing benefits for those in the healthcare professions.

Discounts in Entertainment and Leisure

  • AMC Theaters. Students always get a discount at AMC Theaters with proper ID, but student nurses might be able to get deeper discounts – up to 20% – by ordering their tickets online and in advance using their ASRN membership.
  • Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks. These popular parks – including Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Sesame Place, Water Country, and Adventure Island – offer benefits for ASRN members. Discounts depend upon the individual park.
  • CityPASS. Many large cities, such as Philadelphia, New York City, or Chicago, offer a ticket pass that gets you into a variety of attractions for one low price, and allows you to skip the ticket lines. NUSA members can get these passes at a discounted rate.
  • Crayola Experience. These unique experiences in various cities across the nation offer Nurse Appreciation Days, where nurses get in free, and their family members can get in for 50% off. A valid nursing ID is required to take advantage of the fun.
  • Entertainment Discounts through NUSA. Through partnership with a third party, Nurses USA offers discounts on entertainment, including ski resorts, movie theaters, zoos, and theme parks throughout the US.