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Medical Billing and Coding Salary: Discover Your Earning Potential

If you’re interested in learning how much you can make in the medical billing and coding field, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about state and national trends.


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Whether you’re just thinking about entering the medical billing and coding field or you just passed your certification exam, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to make in your new role. One factor that can significantly affect how much medical billing and coding professionals make is where they live and work. Do you want to live close to family? Stay in the college town you’ve grown to love? Move somewhere completely new? Or are do you want to snag one of the many remote opportunities in the field? Regardless, knowing nationwide salary trends will help you know what you can expect to make in medical billing and coding.

It’s no secret that certain parts of the country are more expensive—the Northeast and West Coast are both notorious for high costs of living. According to the Cost of Living Index, New York, Hawaii, and California are home to the most expensive cities in the country. All three of these states are also in the top ten for median medical billing and coding salaries. Want to know where your state falls? Keep reading!

We’ve compiled data for all 50 states from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for medical records specialists. While this is just one of many possible career paths, it is one of the most popular among recent graduates of medical billing and coding programs, and it’s a good indicator for starting salaries in the field. This guide will be a valuable resource as you consider your options and ultimately decide where you’ll be happiest personally and financially.


Alabama ranks low in both median salary and cost of living. The Auburn-Opelika area features the highest median salary, while the Birmingham-Hoover and Huntsville areas have the greatest potential for salary growth. Generally urban areas are going to offer the highest salaries and salary potential in the state.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
AlabamaMedical Records Specialists$24,800$36,930$59,700
Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville, ALMedical Records Specialists$22,680$29,180$46,950
Auburn-Opelika, ALMedical Records Specialists$28,640$45,820$58,740
Birmingham-Hoover, ALMedical Records Specialists$28,980$37,530$61,080
Daphne-Fairhope-Foley, ALMedical Records Specialists$28,810$36,210$47,320
Decatur, ALMedical Records Specialists$23,610$35,770$58,740
Dothan, ALMedical Records Specialists$22,430$35,310$55,340
Florence-Muscle Shoals, ALMedical Records Specialists$23,410$34,100$46,650
Gadsden, ALMedical Records Specialists$23,460$34,510$46,440
Huntsville, ALMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,440$61,250
Mobile, ALMedical Records Specialists$23,540$36,930$59,380
Montgomery, ALMedical Records Specialists$27,500$37,330$59,380
Tuscaloosa, ALMedical Records Specialists$29,040$37,180$60,020


Regardless of where in the state you reside, Alaska’s earnings potential remains roughly the same. Anchorage, however, does promise greater growth potential than the other urban area of Fairbanks. Alaska ranks 12th highest in median salary nationally and 6th highest for cost of living.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
AlaskaMedical Records Specialists$37,190$47,820$76,550
Anchorage, AKMedical Records Specialists$37,270$47,660$76,550
Fairbanks, AKMedical Records Specialists$37,070$47,620$60,760


Prescott stands out as a great place for Arizona-based medical records specialists to work. Followed closely by Flagstaff, both cities offer greater earning potential than the highly populated Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolis and other regions like Lake Havasu City-Kingman.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
ArizonaMedical Records Specialists$29,440$38,450$60,240
Flagstaff, AZMedical Records Specialists$30,460$46,660$73,680
Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,350$34,540$46,660
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,530$38,550$60,780
Prescott, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,640$75,410
Sierra Vista-Douglas, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,010$36,930$57,030
Tucson, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,300$37,850$59,380
Yuma, AZMedical Records Specialists$29,010$37,900$59,700


This state ranks 49th for both cost of living and median salary. Jonesboro and the Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway region offer some of the highest potential earnings in the state. Little Rock is the highest across all three percentile categories, making it a top choice for anyone looking to work as a medical records specialist in the state.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
ArkansasMedical Records Specialists$27,950$36,850$58,920
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MOMedical Records Specialists$26,810$37,270$53,210
Fort Smith, AR-OKMedical Records Specialists$27,490$35,070$56,640
Hot Springs, ARMedical Records Specialists$27,820$34,560$45,120
Jonesboro, ARMedical Records Specialists$23,800$36,760$60,520
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, ARMedical Records Specialists$29,310$45,840$59,850
Pine Bluff, ARMedical Records Specialists$28,700$37,500$47,670


Notoriously an expensive place to live, California offers incomes to match. The state ranks 4th highest in median salary and 3rd highest in cost of living. Urban metro areas such San Francisco-Oakland and San Jose feature some of the highest median salaries and 90th percentile salaries. The two highest earnings reported in the whole state, however, go to Redding and Sacramento.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
CaliforniaMedical Records Specialists$36,610$51,170$94,310
Bakersfield, CAMedical Records Specialists$29,940$47,000$91,160
Chico, CAMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,660$72,410
El Centro, CAMedical Records Specialists$30,260$38,340$77,270
Fresno, CAMedical Records Specialists$29,940$37,850$75,410
Hanford-Corcoran, CAMedical Records Specialists$32,550$53,230$61,440
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CAMedical Records Specialists$36,910$48,810$96,520
Madera, CAMedical Records Specialists$30,250$46,810$72,580
Merced, CAMedical Records Specialists$29,860$45,600$70,710
Modesto, CAMedical Records Specialists$36,550$47,000$73,790
Napa, CAMedical Records Specialists$37,450$50,960$82,680
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CAMedical Records Specialists$31,790$48,070$95,890
Redding, CAMedical Records Specialists$30,110$47,280$98,300
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CAMedical Records Specialists$30,360$47,010$75,860
Sacramento–Roseville–Arden-Arcade, CAMedical Records Specialists$37,480$60,460$98,040
Salinas, CAMedical Records Specialists$37,020$50,210$93,790
San Diego-Carlsbad, CAMedical Records Specialists$31,790$48,190$79,450
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CAMedical Records Specialists$43,100$61,470$97,830
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CAMedical Records Specialists$44,130$61,470$96,920
San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande, CAMedical Records Specialists$31,300$46,140$75,350
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CAMedical Records Specialists$32,720$46,690$78,490
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CAMedical Records Specialists$37,820$58,750$95,790
Santa Rosa, CAMedical Records Specialists$37,660$55,840$84,050
Stockton-Lodi, CAMedical Records Specialists$36,450$60,780$96,580
Vallejo-Fairfield, CAMedical Records Specialists$35,950$60,470$76,550
Visalia-Porterville, CAMedical Records Specialists$29,930$46,190$73,410
Yuba City, CAMedical Records Specialists$36,750$39,150$58,220


Sticking around the Denver area promises the highest potential salary across all reported income tiers. In general, urban areas of the state, such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Greeley pose better financial opportunities than less populated areas. Grand Junction has a notably low median salary but catches up to other cities in the higher wage brackets.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
ColoradoMedical Records Specialists$36,620$47,510$74,250
Boulder, COMedical Records Specialists$29,440$47,510$61,160
Colorado Springs, COMedical Records Specialists$29,550$47,670$60,930
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, COMedical Records Specialists$37,160$48,350$76,080
Fort Collins, COMedical Records Specialists$36,930$47,020$61,680
Grand Junction, COMedical Records Specialists$29,550$37,020$60,780
Greeley, COMedical Records Specialists$29,330$46,950$59,120
Pueblo, COMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,690$58,810


If you want to work in Connecticut, you’re in luck—you’ve chosen the state with the third highest median salary in the country with Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury offering higher median salaries. The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area shows up well across all categories boasting the highest 10th percentile and 90th percentile salaries.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
ConnecticutMedical Records Specialists$37,130$55,100$86,080
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CTMedical Records Specialists$39,690$51,180$99,960
Danbury, CTMedical Records Specialists$37,120$47,940$70,720
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CTMedical Records Specialists$37,190$56,240$93,660
New Haven, CTMedical Records Specialists$37,180$56,010$77,810
Norwich-New London-Westerly, CT-RIMedical Records Specialists$36,830$48,350$77,290
Waterbury, CTMedical Records Specialists$35,890$58,810$93,110


The First State actually ranks 17th in medical records specialists’ median salaries, lagging behind its spot as 14th on Forbes’ list of most expensive states to live in. You may want to search outside the capital city for employment as its median and 90th percentile salaries fall short of the state averages.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
DelawareMedical Records Specialists$29,400$46,910$60,520
Dover, DEMedical Records Specialists$29,400$36,710$47,440


Floridians will have the highest growth potential in the medical billing field outside the most populous cities in the state, particularly in the panhandle. The Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin area offers both a high median salary and 90th percentile earnings. For those wanting to live further south, the Palm Bay-Melbourne region offers high salaries in both percentile categories. Gainesville’s median salary holds up to these as well, but the 90th percentile earnings lag behind.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
FloridaMedical Records Specialists$29,050$38,580$63,690
Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FLMedical Records Specialists$28,900$38,020$62,170
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,220$46,230$75,410
Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, FLMedical Records Specialists$23,410$34,540$59,380
Gainesville, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,400$46,660$73,680
Homosassa Springs, FLMedical Records Specialists$26,950$33,980$56,370
Jacksonville, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,430$44,340$60,230
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FLMedical Records Specialists$28,220$45,510$61,250
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,050$38,590$64,950
Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FLMedical Records Specialists$31,000$38,160$82,180
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,550$38,860$77,290
Ocala, FLMedical Records Specialists$27,220$36,750$55,540
Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,290$37,910$62,640
Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,520$46,690$77,290
Panama City, FLMedical Records Specialists$28,610$37,280$57,390
Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,010$36,750$60,520
Port St. Lucie, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,540$65,130
Punta Gorda, FLMedical Records Specialists$28,490$36,930$57,610
Sebastian-Vero Beach, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,130$37,500$61,190
Sebring, FLMedical Records Specialists$26,210$33,190$54,580
Tallahassee, FLMedical Records Specialists$23,540$36,930$59,380
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FLMedical Records Specialists$29,220$38,480$62,140
The Villages, FLMedical Records Specialists$27,720$35,820$62,610


The Atlanta and Augusta areas are both great choices for Georgians. Atlanta offers a competitive median salary and the highest 90th percentile offering in the state. Dalton and Hinesville also place near the top for median salaries, but their higher earners fall below those of Atlanta, Augusta, and Gainesville. Albany performs worst across all three rankings, falling well below state averages in each.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
GeorgiaMedical Records Specialists$28,810$37,500$67,690
Albany, GAMedical Records Specialists$22,650$29,480$46,600
Athens-Clarke County, GAMedical Records Specialists$31,240$46,660$46,660
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GAMedical Records Specialists$29,310$42,550$76,550
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SCMedical Records Specialists$27,550$44,660$74,080
Columbus, GA-ALMedical Records Specialists$27,110$36,770$56,430
Dalton, GAMedical Records Specialists$27,950$45,300$46,640
Gainesville, GAMedical Records Specialists$29,440$37,490$61,430
Hinesville, GAMedical Records Specialists$36,420$47,150$59,650
Macon, GAMedical Records Specialists$28,080$36,000$48,070
Rome, GAMedical Records Specialists$29,580$38,270$58,810
Savannah, GAMedical Records Specialists$27,450$36,750$55,750
Valdosta, GAMedical Records Specialists$28,050$35,420$57,210
Warner Robins, GAMedical Records Specialists$28,100$36,470$59,180


As the most expensive state in the country, Hawaii’s median salary doesn’t keep up with the cost of living. That being said, the higher earners across the state are well over the estimated annual cost of living of $55,491. Those considering working in the medical billing and coding profession in the Aloha State will want to carefully consider their salary offers and expenses before accepting a position.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
HawaiiMedical Records Specialists$37,430$48,070$77,830
Urban Honolulu, HIMedical Records Specialists$37,660$48,350$78,460


Idaho ranks 26th in both medical records specialist salaries and annual cost of living. Twin Falls reports the highest potential salary, but Boise City, Coeur d’Alene, and Pocatello all offer higher median wages. The lowest earnings in the state are found in Idaho Falls and Lewiston.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
IdahoMedical Records Specialists$29,450$46,480$60,620
Boise City, IDMedical Records Specialists$35,880$46,660$59,410
Coeur d’Alene, IDMedical Records Specialists$30,060$46,900$60,620
Idaho Falls, IDMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,850$57,980
Lewiston, ID-WAMedical Records Specialists$29,540$39,030$50,900
Pocatello, IDMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,950$60,520
Twin Falls, IDMedical Records Specialists$35,530$43,250$75,410


If you’re looking to live a peaceful life in your own little house on the prairie in the Prairie State, you’re in luck. Generally, the smaller metro areas in Illinois feature the best median salaries and potential for growth. Danville, on the Illinois-Indiana border features the highest median and 90th percentile salaries for medical records specialists. Bloomington, Kankakee, and Rockford all perform competitively in this area as well. If you love the big city, no worries. The Chicago area compares for median salary and is still competitive near the top.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
IllinoisMedical Records Specialists$32,910$46,640$64,120
Bloomington, ILMedical Records Specialists$29,010$46,690$73,790
Carbondale-Marion, ILMedical Records Specialists$27,720$38,440$59,910
Champaign-Urbana, ILMedical Records Specialists$30,190$46,560$60,930
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WIMedical Records Specialists$36,770$46,920$70,270
Danville, ILMedical Records Specialists$29,440$50,960$75,420
Kankakee, ILMedical Records Specialists$36,750$46,640$75,410
Peoria, ILMedical Records Specialists$29,480$37,070$54,880
Rockford, ILMedical Records Specialists$32,230$46,660$73,680
Springfield, ILMedical Records Specialists$35,980$46,660$59,380


Indiana is a great state to consider for those concerned with making enough in the medical billing and coding field. The Hoosier State ranks 22nd best median salary but has the 35th highest cost of living. Indianapolis boasts the highest salaries across all three categories, but Columbus, Evansville, Lafayette, and Terra Haute all offer competitive median salaries in the state.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
IndianaMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,640$62,640
Bloomington, INMedical Records Specialists$28,840$36,930$47,670
Columbus, INMedical Records Specialists$29,440$45,940$60,110
Elkhart-Goshen, INMedical Records Specialists$29,290$37,860$59,770
Evansville, IN-KYMedical Records Specialists$29,220$45,010$57,790
Fort Wayne, INMedical Records Specialists$29,220$46,080$59,380
Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, INMedical Records Specialists$30,490$47,270$75,960
Lafayette-West Lafayette, INMedical Records Specialists$29,440$45,750$59,080
Michigan City-La Porte, INMedical Records Specialists$27,790$36,750$58,160
Muncie, INMedical Records Specialists$28,170$36,480$58,090
South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MIMedical Records Specialists$29,010$37,850$61,250
Terre Haute, INMedical Records Specialists$29,080$46,640$59,700


Iowa is another Midwest state with competitive salaries, ranking 33rd for salaries and 37th for annual cost of living. The Hawkeye State features median salaries above the estimated cost of living in all listed areas. The highest median salaries can be found in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, but the Des Moines and Waterloo-Cedar Falls areas offer the highest potential incomes.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
IowaMedical Records Specialists$30,380$39,870$60,930
Ames, IAMedical Records Specialists$29,600$37,850$59,150
Cedar Rapids, IAMedical Records Specialists$36,680$46,160$59,850
Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-ILMedical Records Specialists$29,320$45,560$59,850
Des Moines-West Des Moines, IAMedical Records Specialists$31,400$39,470$61,410
Dubuque, IAMedical Records Specialists$29,440$45,080$58,750
Iowa City, IAMedical Records Specialists$39,210$60,930$60,930
Sioux City, IA-NE-SDMedical Records Specialists$29,430$37,100$47,000
Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IAMedical Records Specialists$29,850$37,850$61,250


Kansas ranks 42nd for annual cost of living. The best salaries are found in the cities of Lawrence and Topeka. Manhattan features the lowest salaries in all three categories, but it lags behind only slightly in the top earnings category.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
KansasMedical Records Specialists$29,110$44,200$59,770
Lawrence, KSMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,650$61,050
Manhattan, KSMedical Records Specialists$28,290$37,530$57,090
Topeka, KSMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,660$60,780
Wichita, KSMedical Records Specialists$29,220$43,890$58,810


Residents of the Bluegrass State will fare best in the urban areas of Louisville and Lexington. Owensboro features high potential earnings but a considerably lower median salary compared to the rest of the state. In general, Kentucky’s median salary exceeds the annual cost of living estimate.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
KentuckyMedical Records Specialists$29,010$40,100$60,580
Bowling Green, KYMedical Records Specialists$29,880$44,390$59,380
Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, KYMedical Records Specialists$29,440$43,490$55,510
Lexington-Fayette, KYMedical Records Specialists$29,440$45,250$61,250
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-INMedical Records Specialists$29,850$47,000$61,400
Owensboro, KYMedical Records Specialists$28,690$37,020$60,420


The best places to begin a career in medical billing and coding in Louisiana include Hammond, New Orleans, and Shreveport. Lafayette will be a hard place to start out with considerably low salaries for both the 10th and 50th percentiles. Baton Rouge and Lake Charles both feature high potential earnings for those near the top.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
LouisianaMedical Records Specialists$28,150$38,270$60,820
Alexandria, LAMedical Records Specialists$26,810$37,020$58,840
Baton Rouge, LAMedical Records Specialists$29,380$37,850$73,680
Hammond, LAMedical Records Specialists$27,910$46,650$58,740
Houma-Thibodaux, LAMedical Records Specialists$28,810$37,850$59,180
Lafayette, LAMedical Records Specialists$18,280$29,430$59,280
Lake Charles, LAMedical Records Specialists$25,100$36,750$64,880
Monroe, LAMedical Records Specialists$27,110$35,340$56,520
New Orleans-Metairie, LAMedical Records Specialists$29,850$46,640$61,250
Shreveport-Bossier City, LAMedical Records Specialists$29,180$46,420$60,520


In Maine, Lewiston-Auburn is a great area to work in medical billing and coding. The Portland area has the highest 10th and 90th percentile salaries in the state but the median salary is almost $10,000 below that of Lewiston. Bangor reports the lowest salaries in all three percentiles.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MaineMedical Records Specialists$29,430$37,190$58,810
Bangor, MEMedical Records Specialists$29,220$36,930$47,670
Lewiston-Auburn, MEMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,640$58,810
Portland-South Portland, MEMedical Records Specialists$30,820$37,610$60,240


Maryland comes in at the 7th highest salary and 7th highest cost of living in the US. Surprisingly, some of the state’s smaller cities promise the best salaries for medical billing and coding professionals. Cumberland posts the highest median and 90th percentile salaries but the second lowest 10th percentile earnings. Marylanders will find the lowest earnings across all three percentile rankings in Salisbury.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MarylandMedical Records Specialists$35,730$48,350$77,810
Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MDMedical Records Specialists$34,060$47,950$77,810
California-Lexington Park, MDMedical Records Specialists$33,580$51,580$82,360
Cumberland, MD-WVMedical Records Specialists$30,230$58,610$84,690
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WVMedical Records Specialists$33,130$46,660$70,140
Salisbury, MD-DEMedical Records Specialists$29,170$46,440$60,520


Massachusetts is one of the East Coast states that ranks highest in cost of living, but how much you can earn in the medical billing and coding field mostly keeps pace with the cost of living. The Boston area offers the most competitive salaries across the 10th and 50th percentiles. Barnstable’s 10th percentile and median salaries top the state list. Springfield ranks lowest across the board.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MassachusettsMedical Records Specialists$37,090$59,120$93,720
Barnstable Town, MAMedical Records Specialists$37,990$59,770$76,950
Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NHMedical Records Specialists$37,110$59,210$93,720
Leominster-Gardner, MAMedical Records Specialists$36,630$46,690$75,410
New Bedford, MAMedical Records Specialists$37,020$58,810$77,290
Springfield, MA-CTMedical Records Specialists$36,380$47,670$65,620
Worcester, MA-CTMedical Records Specialists$37,070$56,610$74,780


Ann Arbor is the clear winner for best place to work in this field in the state of Michigan. Its median salary ranks higher than the Niles-Benton Harbor area’s 90th percentile salary. Other solid choices for median salaries in the Wolverine State include Flint, Midland, Lansing-East Lansing, and Saginaw.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MichiganMedical Records Specialists$29,220$38,740$61,160
Ann Arbor, MIMedical Records Specialists$37,070$48,700$74,160
Battle Creek, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,400$45,250$59,120
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,670$39,070$61,250
Flint, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,400$46,530$61,770
Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,510$37,500$59,850
Jackson, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,010$37,780$61,360
Kalamazoo-Portage, MIMedical Records Specialists$28,260$37,190$58,810
Lansing-East Lansing, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,660$61,250
Midland, MIMedical Records Specialists$29,850$46,480$48,230
Muskegon, MIMedical Records Specialists$28,810$36,930$47,000
Niles-Benton Harbor, MIMedical Records Specialists$22,870$29,680$47,000
Saginaw, MIMedical Records Specialists$28,970$45,820$60,780


Minnesota is a great choice for medical records specialists. The Land of 10,000 Lakes offers the 5th highest salary in the country. The highest salaries across all categories are found in the twin cities, but Rochester and Duluth are strong contenders.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MinnesotaMedical Records Specialists$37,840$50,470$74,200
Duluth, MN-WIMedical Records Specialists$36,980$48,070$61,250
Mankato-North Mankato, MNMedical Records Specialists$36,930$47,340$60,790
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WIMedical Records Specialists$45,100$59,080$77,810
Rochester, MNMedical Records Specialists$39,690$49,930$62,730
St. Cloud, MNMedical Records Specialists$37,500$46,910$61,440


While Mississippi reports the lowest salaries it also offers the lowest cost of living in the country, and all of the median salaries reported exceed the estimated cost of living of $32,336. Hattiesburg features the lowest salaries in all brackets. Jackson and Gulfport-Biloxi are much better choices for those wanting to work in the Magnolia State.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MississippiMedical Records Specialists$22,520$36,760$59,180
Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula, MSMedical Records Specialists$29,020$37,670$59,380
Hattiesburg, MSMedical Records Specialists$23,220$36,150$45,980
Jackson, MSMedical Records Specialists$23,240$37,150$59,650


Missouri is another Midwest state with an affordable cost of living and strong salary figures. Working near Kansas City offers the best options as Kansas City and St. Joseph top the list for 50th and 90th percentile salaries. St. Louis competes at the median salary level but falls behind in the highest tier. Columbia notably offers the highest 10th percentile salary, offering almost $10,000 more than the low-performing Springfield area.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MissouriMedical Records Specialists$29,110$46,520$66,020
Cape Girardeau, MO-ILMedical Records Specialists$29,010$37,670$59,380
Columbia, MOMedical Records Specialists$35,820$46,520$60,580
Jefferson City, MOMedical Records Specialists$26,470$45,990$59,850
Kansas City, MO-KSMedical Records Specialists$29,850$46,910$74,200
Springfield, MOMedical Records Specialists$25,980$36,930$59,380
St. Joseph, MO-KSMedical Records Specialists$34,860$48,070$71,720
St. Louis, MO-ILMedical Records Specialists$29,120$46,690$63,160


Missoula tops the list for highest potential in Montana and is a close second and third, respectively, for median and 10th percentile, making it the top choice for Montanans who want to work in the medical billing and coding field. Great Falls performs slightly worse for the lowest and highest percentiles but is comparable in the median salary tier.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
MontanaMedical Records Specialists$29,650$45,840$61,250
Billings, MTMedical Records Specialists$29,850$48,070$62,380
Great Falls, MTMedical Records Specialists$27,740$46,640$58,570
Missoula, MTMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,830$74,600


Cornhuskers need look no further than Omaha for the top earning potential. The border town tops all three percentile brackets with considerably higher 10th and median salaries. Grand Island and Lincoln catch up at the 90th percentile level.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
NebraskaMedical Records Specialists$29,440$39,400$60,240
Grand Island, NEMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,020$58,810
Lincoln, NEMedical Records Specialists$29,430$37,500$60,780
Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IAMedical Records Specialists$36,750$47,270$60,780


Nevada’s ranking as 44th in earning potential lags significantly behind its position as 17th in cost of living. Carson City is a strong choice for medical records specialists, though, as it offers significantly higher salaries at all tiers than the state’s other biggest cities.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
NevadaMedical Records Specialists$29,270$37,510$59,380
Carson City, NVMedical Records Specialists$36,930$47,700$73,680
Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NVMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,540$59,630
Reno, NVMedical Records Specialists$29,980$37,350$58,760

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s salaries are comparable across the state. Portsmouth posts higher 10th percentile and median salaries, but is edged out slightly at the top level by Manchester. Those looking to work in the Granite State will have lots of freedom when choosing where to settle down.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
New HampshireMedical Records Specialists$29,440$38,180$60,240
Dover-Durham, NH-MEMedical Records Specialists$29,530$37,130$60,240
Manchester, NHMedical Records Specialists$29,540$38,700$61,340
Portsmouth, NH-MEMedical Records Specialists$31,220$42,930$60,240

New Jersey

The Garden State tops the list with the highest median salary reported in the nation. However, New Jerseyans should note that while Trenton compares at the 10th and 50th percentile salary levels, it falls far behind the state average for 90th percentile salaries.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
New JerseyMedical Records Specialists$46,910$61,680$96,170
Trenton, NJMedical Records Specialists$46,650$61,160$77,810

New Mexico

Santa Fe offers the highest salaries across the board in the Land of Enchantment. Its most significant advantage appears in the top 10% of earners. La Cruces salaries are considerably lower than the rest of the state, especially in the 90th percentile tier.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
New MexicoMedical Records Specialists$29,250$38,670$60,930
Albuquerque, NMMedical Records Specialists$29,730$46,660$60,930
Farmington, NMMedical Records Specialists$29,370$40,600$59,380
Las Cruces, NMMedical Records Specialists$23,180$34,940$47,440
Santa Fe, NMMedical Records Specialists$30,070$46,660$73,680

New York

Manhattan is the most expensive city in the country, but the NYC area also outranks surrounding cities across the board. Ithaca, Rochester, and the Buffalo-Cheektowaga area also feature strong salaries across all tiers. Binghamton and Kingston offer significantly lower salaries at the lowest and median levels but perform better in the 90th percentile.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
New YorkMedical Records Specialists$36,930$48,350$77,810
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYMedical Records Specialists$33,020$47,270$63,610
Binghamton, NYMedical Records Specialists$28,530$37,850$71,770
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NYMedical Records Specialists$32,020$47,270$75,960
Glens Falls, NYMedical Records Specialists$31,330$40,740$60,780
Ithaca, NYMedical Records Specialists$37,020$47,000$78,460
Kingston, NYMedical Records Specialists$29,430$38,380$74,240
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PAMedical Records Specialists$37,180$59,160$89,470
Rochester, NYMedical Records Specialists$29,550$47,270$74,250
Syracuse, NYMedical Records Specialists$30,230$46,660$64,110
Utica-Rome, NYMedical Records Specialists$35,210$46,690$63,140
Watertown-Fort Drum, NYMedical Records Specialists$35,850$39,960$50,960

North Carolina

North Carolinians will find the highest salaries in the state in the Winston-Salem area. The Durham-Chapel Hill segment of the research triangle outperforms Winston-Salem at the 10th percentile and outpaces Raleigh at all three levels. Wilmington’s lower tier salaries lag behind the state average but catch up in the top tier. Burlington notably has a 90th percentile salary that is lower than Winston-Salem’s median salary.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
North CarolinaMedical Records Specialists$29,140$38,620$60,780
Asheville, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,220$46,950$61,250
Burlington, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,070$37,820$47,670
Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SCMedical Records Specialists$29,550$42,250$64,220
Durham-Chapel Hill, NCMedical Records Specialists$36,910$47,270$63,320
Fayetteville, NCMedical Records Specialists$28,980$46,460$64,770
Goldsboro, NCMedical Records Specialists$28,690$37,240$61,250
Greensboro-High Point, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,440$36,990$58,750
Greenville, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,440$45,830$59,160
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,120$36,750$59,850
Jacksonville, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,400$45,950$61,280
New Bern, NCMedical Records Specialists$28,050$36,760$59,120
Raleigh, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,110$39,790$60,780
Rocky Mount, NCMedical Records Specialists$28,520$36,770$60,560
Wilmington, NCMedical Records Specialists$22,840$36,130$58,510
Winston-Salem, NCMedical Records Specialists$29,540$47,690$74,250

North Dakota

North Dakota is a promising state for medical records specialists. Ranking 16th for salary offerings, all the featured median salaries far exceed the estimated cost of living of $35,707. Bismarck posts the best 50th and 90th percentile earnings, but Grand Forks has a considerably higher 10th percentile salary.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
North DakotaMedical Records Specialists$34,840$47,270$61,250
Bismarck, NDMedical Records Specialists$30,030$47,270$61,680
Fargo, ND-MNMedical Records Specialists$29,330$46,520$61,280
Grand Forks, ND-MNMedical Records Specialists$36,130$46,640$60,790


The “Buckeye State” lacks a clear winner for best earnings. Salaries vary across the state with Columbus and Dayton offering the highest top tier salaries but Cincinnati and Cleveland outperforming them at the 10th and 50th percentiles. Nearly all the reported median salaries exceed the estimated annual cost of living in the state with the exception of Mansfield, which posts the lowest numbers across all levels.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
OhioMedical Records Specialists$29,440$46,640$62,610
Akron, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,030$45,420$62,500
Canton-Massillon, OHMedical Records Specialists$28,500$36,930$58,980
Cincinnati, OH-KY-INMedical Records Specialists$30,980$47,270$63,870
Cleveland-Elyria, OHMedical Records Specialists$36,930$46,950$65,520
Columbus, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,790$46,810$75,940
Dayton, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,820$46,890$72,200
Lima, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,220$36,930$56,780
Mansfield, OHMedical Records Specialists$27,620$35,760$46,810
Springfield, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,260$37,730$61,160
Toledo, OHMedical Records Specialists$29,440$37,500$59,210
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PAMedical Records Specialists$27,580$36,750$58,100


Salaries are comparable across Oklahoma at all levels, except the median salary in Tulsa which falls well below the state average. All the median salaries exceed the estimated cost of living of $33,966, making Oklahoma a solid choice for those with a medical billing and coding certificate or degree.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
OklahomaMedical Records Specialists$29,000$44,180$60,340
Oklahoma City, OKMedical Records Specialists$29,220$46,640$60,220
Enid, OKMedical Records Specialists$28,550$45,950$60,340
Lawton, OKMedical Records Specialists$29,260$46,130$59,650
Tulsa, OKMedical Records Specialists$29,000$37,500$60,780


Oregon ranks 10th for both salary and cost of living. Eugene and the Portland have the highest 90th percentile salaries, but Corvallis and Grants Pass offer the highest median earnings. Eugene’s lowest tier is considerably below other cities in the state, but those eager to work in Oregon won’t find a truly “bad” place to be gainfully employed in the Beaver State.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
OregonMedical Records Specialists$36,930$47,940$75,940
Bend-Redmond, ORMedical Records Specialists$36,800$46,910$60,190
Corvallis, ORMedical Records Specialists$37,660$59,380$75,410
Eugene, ORMedical Records Specialists$29,550$45,700$77,290
Grants Pass, ORMedical Records Specialists$36,130$55,910$73,380
Medford, ORMedical Records Specialists$35,880$46,040$69,920
Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WAMedical Records Specialists$37,660$52,630$76,870
Salem, ORMedical Records Specialists$36,930$46,640$61,280


Pennsylvania residents can find the best salaries at all levels in the Philadelphia area. Reading is another great choice for the top 50% of wage earners. Altoona has the least competitive salary at the top level, and East Stroudsburg comes last for the lowest and median salary levels.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
PennsylvaniaMedical Records Specialists$29,550$45,000$74,660
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJMedical Records Specialists$30,370$45,000$62,000
Altoona, PAMedical Records Specialists$27,310$37,300$56,130
Bloomsburg-Berwick, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,220$45,670$59,850
Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,660$60,780
East Stroudsburg, PAMedical Records Specialists$25,140$36,700$59,020
Erie, PAMedical Records Specialists$28,230$36,930$58,050
Gettysburg, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,220$37,360$58,810
Harrisburg-Carlisle, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,650$46,660$73,680
Johnstown, PAMedical Records Specialists$26,200$47,000$59,850
Lancaster, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,350$37,870$59,380
Lebanon, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,430$38,800$67,580
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MDMedical Records Specialists$34,880$49,020$76,760
Pittsburgh, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,330$39,090$63,220
Reading, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,550$47,000$75,990
Scranton–Wilkes-Barre–Hazleton, PAMedical Records Specialists$28,720$37,020$58,400
State College, PAMedical Records Specialists$28,870$39,250$58,410
Williamsport, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,220$38,800$57,400
York-Hanover, PAMedical Records Specialists$29,850$37,850$59,180

Rhode Island

The smallest state does not have the smallest salary in the country. In fact, Rhode Island ranks 14th for median salary and 13th for cost of living. The Providence-Warwick area lags behind the state average in the lower tiers by a negligible margin of less than $1,000.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
Rhode IslandMedical Records Specialists$36,910$47,340$74,250
Providence-Warwick, RI-MAMedical Records Specialists$36,120$47,260$74,250

South Carolina

As one of the least expensive states to live in (44th), South Carolina medical records specialists have the potential to take home solid salaries. Columbia and Florence stand out for their higher-than-average median and top 10%. The Charleston area is competitive in the 10th and 50th percentiles but falls below the state average for the 90th percentile.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
South CarolinaMedical Records Specialists$29,090$41,140$72,470
Charleston-North Charleston, SCMedical Records Specialists$29,010$46,640$60,930
Columbia, SCMedical Records Specialists$29,380$45,140$74,750
Florence, SCMedical Records Specialists$27,920$42,500$72,510
Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SCMedical Records Specialists$29,120$37,110$62,600
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufort, SCMedical Records Specialists$29,440$36,750$48,360
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NCMedical Records Specialists$28,390$36,560$60,080
Spartanburg, SCMedical Records Specialists$29,490$38,490$61,320
Sumter, SCMedical Records Specialists$28,100$34,570$53,410

South Dakota

Sioux Falls offers the highest salaries in the Mount Rushmore state. Rapid City is comparable up to the median salary but falls far behind Sioux Falls and the state average in the 90th percentile.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
South DakotaMedical Records Specialists$29,400$46,640$71,120
Rapid City, SDMedical Records Specialists$29,400$46,690$60,520
Sioux Falls, SDMedical Records Specialists$29,220$47,000$75,410


The western half of the state is home to the two best cities for medical records specialists in Tennessee. Memphis and the Nashville far outperform the rest of the state for median and 90th percentile salaries. Johnson City performs worst in the lowest salary division while Kingsport’s median salary is lowest, and Knoxville offers the lowest 90th percentile salary.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
TennesseeMedical Records Specialists$29,010$38,890$61,400
Chattanooga, TN-GAMedical Records Specialists$28,880$37,500$63,030
Clarksville, TN-KYMedical Records Specialists$23,550$36,770$60,520
Jackson, TNMedical Records Specialists$29,270$37,670$61,010
Johnson City, TNMedical Records Specialists$23,460$36,760$58,520
Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VAMedical Records Specialists$27,880$35,230$57,120
Knoxville, TNMedical Records Specialists$28,440$37,110$57,090
Memphis, TN-MS-ARMedical Records Specialists$29,430$47,000$73,790
Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, TNMedical Records Specialists$29,850$46,660$75,410


Longview eclipses all other Texas cities for 90th percentile salaries at $15,000 more per year than the next closest salary in the Sherman-Denison area. The Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin-Round Rock regions both exhibit strong offerings for the 10th and 50th percentiles. The Brownsville-Harlingen and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan areas report the lowest 10th percentile earnings and median salaries nearly $10,000 less than the state average.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
TexasMedical Records Specialists$29,030$39,140$63,330
Abilene, TXMedical Records Specialists$28,010$39,950$48,070
Amarillo, TXMedical Records Specialists$24,280$37,170$54,830
Austin-Round Rock, TXMedical Records Specialists$29,330$46,220$67,140
Beaumont-Port Arthur, TXMedical Records Specialists$23,540$34,930$51,210
Brownsville-Harlingen, TXMedical Records Specialists$22,510$29,690$49,980
College Station-Bryan, TXMedical Records Specialists$27,390$38,360$57,750
Corpus Christi, TXMedical Records Specialists$27,150$36,930$62,620
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TXMedical Records Specialists$29,330$46,660$72,950
El Paso, TXMedical Records Specialists$27,240$37,660$56,780
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TXMedical Records Specialists$30,140$44,010$74,590
Killeen-Temple, TXMedical Records Specialists$29,320$44,390$61,650
Laredo, TXMedical Records Specialists$23,010$34,310$43,860
Longview, TXMedical Records Specialists$26,630$41,630$93,110
Lubbock, TXMedical Records Specialists$28,670$37,850$61,050
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TXMedical Records Specialists$22,320$29,010$51,300
Midland, TXMedical Records Specialists$29,110$36,930$61,680
Odessa, TXMedical Records Specialists$25,800$36,930$60,240
San Angelo, TXMedical Records Specialists$23,570$35,310$48,380
San Antonio-New Braunfels, TXMedical Records Specialists$29,430$40,250$60,780
Sherman-Denison, TXMedical Records Specialists$27,960$41,830$77,830
Texarkana, TX-ARMedical Records Specialists$23,180$29,680$46,480
Tyler, TXMedical Records Specialists$28,640$37,310$68,110
Victoria, TXMedical Records Specialists$28,690$36,980$62,200
Waco, TXMedical Records Specialists$26,680$37,240$59,380
Wichita Falls, TXMedical Records Specialists$28,080$43,180$59,380


Salt Lake City tops the list in all three percentiles in the state of Utah. The Provo-Orem metropolitan area competes closely for second, falling considerably behind only in the median range. St. George is another strong choice, but its 90th percentile earnings are considerably lower than both Provo-Orem and St. George.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
UtahMedical Records Specialists$29,520$46,700$73,740
Ogden-Clearfield, UTMedical Records Specialists$29,010$37,280$58,120
Provo-Orem, UTMedical Records Specialists$28,340$37,850$73,730
Salt Lake City, UTMedical Records Specialists$29,850$47,270$77,670
St. George, UTMedical Records Specialists$29,120$40,040$60,780


Vermonters in medical billing and coding will do best in the Burlington metro area, which beats the state’s average salaries across the board. Those not wanting to live near the capital need not worry though, the state averages are neck and neck with those in the capital.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
VermontMedical Records Specialists$36,340$46,660$59,770
Burlington-South Burlington, VTMedical Records Specialists$36,910$46,910$61,310


Charlottesville and Winchester are both excellent options for anyone wanting to earn a competitive salary while working in the Old Dominion. Areas with the weakest earning potential include Roanoke (for the 10th percentile) and Lynchburg (for both the 50th and 90th). The good news is the range for median salaries across the state is small, making just about any city a good place to launch your career in medical billing and coding.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
VirginiaMedical Records Specialists$30,570$47,410$76,240
Charlottesville, VAMedical Records Specialists$36,910$47,850$77,380
Harrisonburg, VAMedical Records Specialists$28,020$46,640$61,250
Lynchburg, VAMedical Records Specialists$28,700$43,840$58,750
Richmond, VAMedical Records Specialists$30,520$46,910$63,380
Roanoke, VAMedical Records Specialists$23,540$46,000$59,970
Staunton-Waynesboro, VAMedical Records Specialists$35,580$46,690$59,850
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NCMedical Records Specialists$30,640$46,640$62,760
Winchester, VA-WVMedical Records Specialists$29,430$46,620$77,830


Seattle is the clear winner in the Evergreen State. Its 90th percentile and median earnings both exceed the next closest salaries by $10,000+. Longview posts the weakest numbers in the state for the lowest and middle levels while Yakima offers the lowest earning potential in the 90th percentile.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
WashingtonMedical Records Specialists$36,930$48,500$76,950
Bellingham, WAMedical Records Specialists$36,930$48,350$61,680
Bremerton-Silverdale, WAMedical Records Specialists$35,910$46,660$62,430
Kennewick-Richland, WAMedical Records Specialists$30,840$45,600$71,000
Longview, WAMedical Records Specialists$30,480$37,860$61,120
Mount Vernon-Anacortes, WAMedical Records Specialists$37,540$47,820$63,140
Olympia-Tumwater, WAMedical Records Specialists$36,930$46,910$63,140
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WAMedical Records Specialists$38,180$59,120$83,530
Spokane-Spokane Valley, WAMedical Records Specialists$33,930$46,230$62,310
Walla Walla, WAMedical Records Specialists$36,420$48,070$61,250
Wenatchee, WAMedical Records Specialists$37,500$47,670$60,780
Yakima, WAMedical Records Specialists$35,900$46,640$59,380

West Virginia

West Virginians can look to Huntington, Morgantown, and the Weirton area for peak salaries in the Mountain State. Morgantown in particular stands out with a median salary nearly $10,000 above the state average. Charleston, Parkersburg-Vienna, and Wheeling post the lowest numbers for top 10% salaries, with Wheeling bottoming out the list in two of the three salary tiers.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
West VirginiaMedical Records Specialists$28,920$37,190$59,800
Beckley, WVMedical Records Specialists$28,590$36,560$58,520
Charleston, WVMedical Records Specialists$28,170$36,930$48,050
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OHMedical Records Specialists$29,370$42,990$61,280
Morgantown, WVMedical Records Specialists$28,920$46,090$59,800
Parkersburg-Vienna, WVMedical Records Specialists$28,800$36,560$47,140
Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OHMedical Records Specialists$29,400$37,330$60,520
Wheeling, WV-OHMedical Records Specialists$26,760$35,380$49,770


The Badger State, like its namesake animal, is a fierce contender. The state boasts a desirable combination of great earning potential and affordability, ranking 15th for median salary, and 30th for cost of living. Multiple urban areas post particularly strong numbers. Standouts at the 90th percentile include Eau Claire and Racine. Racine also tops the list at the 50th percentile followed closely by Madison and the Milwaukee-Waukesha area.

15th salary. 30th cost of living. 37,374

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
WisconsinMedical Records Specialists$37,070$47,340$62,050
Appleton, WIMedical Records Specialists$37,450$47,900$60,930
Eau Claire, WIMedical Records Specialists$36,600$47,220$73,530
Green Bay, WIMedical Records Specialists$36,920$46,190$60,890
Janesville-Beloit, WIMedical Records Specialists$36,930$46,660$58,750
La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MNMedical Records Specialists$36,930$45,810$58,750
Madison, WIMedical Records Specialists$40,500$48,070$63,830
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WIMedical Records Specialists$38,620$48,350$61,680
Oshkosh-Neenah, WIMedical Records Specialists$37,200$47,690$60,700
Racine, WIMedical Records Specialists$36,390$58,290$73,800
Sheboygan, WIMedical Records Specialists$36,910$46,730$61,250
Wausau, WIMedical Records Specialists$37,040$46,660$59,650


Cheyenne stands out in the Equality State for its considerably higher salary for the bottom 10% of medical records specialists. It narrowly edges out Casper for median salary, but Casper blows it away in the top tier, where top earners make a whopping $18,000 more than their counterparts in Cheyenne.

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
WyomingMedical Records Specialists$29,550$46,880$73,580
Casper, WYMedical Records Specialists$29,550$47,000$78,460
Cheyenne, WYMedical Records Specialists$36,620$47,420$60,390