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Top 2-Week CNA Classes Online

If you’re itching to get your nursing assistant career off the ground ASAP, 2-week CNA classes online can help you do just that. Browse top programs, their benefits (and challenges), and more below.

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Author: Shannon Daigle
Editor: Kari Scare

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If you have a passion for healthcare and want a fast start in the field, 2 week CNA classes online are the perfect choice. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work alongside nurses and other medical staff to meet patients’ basic care needs, including bathing, feeding, dressing, observation, and monitoring vital signs.

There’s steady growth ahead for CNAs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and jobs in the field are expected to expand by 4% between now and 2032. Online CNA classes help you complete the requirements for this in-demand certification affordably and conveniently, and 2-week CNA classes online help you do so even quicker.

While a CNA is an in-demand career in its own right, it’s also ideal for anyone considering a career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN). Many CNAs move into other nursing degrees later and appreciate this approachable first step into the field. Providing a quick way to begin this process, 2 week CNA classes online teach you what it’s like to work in healthcare and give you the skills that nurses need. You can then enroll in a nursing bridge program to continue climbing the nursing ladder.

To get your CNA certification ASAP, several fast-track programs teach the skills and qualifications you need. The following list of 2 week CNA classes online gets you started in the process and gives you an inside look into three outstanding certified nursing assistant programs you can use as a standard for choosing a program.

Atlanta Career Institute

The logo consists of a blue circle containing a simplistic human figure with outstretched arms, alongside the text "ACI Atlas Corps Institute" in blue.

At Atlanta Career Institute, Certified Nursing Assistant Training students can affordably and quickly take 2 week CNA classes online. Thanks to flexible scheduling options, students can complete this accelerated certified nursing assistant program in as few as 11 meetings. Three full-time course options are available, with choices for attending class from 9-5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9-5 on Tuesday and Thursday, or Saturdays from 8:30-4. Students who prefer evening classes can enroll in the 21-evening option that meets from 5:30-10 on Monday-Wednesday nights. No matter which program they choose, students receive 85 clock hours of instruction, online training, and hands-on experience in 22 core CNA skills. The entire program costs just $900 and includes books, scrub top, supplies, and a background check. Upon completion, students are prepared and eligible to take the Georgia State Exam.

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training

Logo for Heart to Heart Healthcare Training features the text "Heart to Heart" in purple. A stethoscope forms the "to," connecting to a heart-shaped outline with shaking hands inside. "HEALTHCARE TRAINING" is written in green below.

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training offers a hybrid Certified Nurse Assistant Program that is perfect for Texas-based students looking for 2 week CNA classes online. The program is approved by the state as a Nurse Aide Training & Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). All theoretical coursework and instruction are available online, and students must gain practical experience in person. The $950 tuition covers everything students need for class and clinical experience except for the required textbook and scrubs. Heart to Heart offers flexible payment plans and personalized financing options to all CNA students. Students receive 100 contact hours of comprehensive training toward their certification. Graduates are ready to take the certification examination and work as CNAs in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations.

Legacy Career Institute

A logo for Legacy Career Institute featuring a shield divided into four quadrants. The top left quadrant has a crown, and the bottom right quadrant has a graduation cap. Golden laurel branches flank the shield. The institute's name is written below.

Legacy Career Institute’s nurse aide program offers maximum flexibility to students searching for 2 week CNA classes online. Students choose to attend classes online or on the Carrollton, Texas campus and attend for fourteen consecutive days from 9:30-5:30. For students who prefer weekday-only classes, there’s a three-week program that meets from 9:30-5:30, Monday through Friday. Weekend learners have the option to get their CNA education over six consecutive weekends from 9:30-5:30 on Saturdays and Sundays. There are part-time and evening-only offerings also that can be completed in as little as four weeks. For students who need maximum flexibility, there’s a self-paced online option. All CNA students at Legacy Career Institute complete practical skills training over four in-person workdays. Tuition for these programs ranges from $850 to $950.

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Benefits & Challenges of 2-Week CNA Classes Online

While 2 week CNA classes online certainly allow you to earn your certification and start work quickly, they also potentially present a few obstacles. However, with hard work and determination, you can overcome them. This next section takes a closer look at these challenges as well as the benefits of getting a 2 week CNA certification.

Benefit: Flexible Format

One of the primary benefits of 2 week online CNA programs is that they offer the most flexible and convenient way to earn your CNA certification. From students who can attend class during traditional working hours to those who need to go to school on nights or weekends, there are programs to fit any schedule.

Benefit: Cost-Effective Training

Becoming a CNA is an affordable way to start your healthcare career, and 2 week online CNA programs have considerably less overhead than their traditional, on-campus counterparts. Those savings are passed on to you in lower overall tuition. In fact, most accelerated online CNA programs cost under $1,000.

Benefit: Quick Completion Time

Traditional CNA programs take six to 13 weeks. With a two-week program, you get the same information and hands-on training. The only change is that you’ll be going to school for more hours per day and a shorter period, so you can start working as a CNA sooner.

Challenge: Adaptation to Online Learning

Learning without immediate interaction and feedback from teachers and peers can make it difficult to focus on lectures and keep up with your studies. Rise to the challenge by making a schedule for when you’ll watch online lectures and complete assignments, even if there’s not a set meeting time for the class.

Challenge: Intense Curriculum

Learning proper medical care can be mentally demanding. There’s a lot of new information to absorb, and you’ll have to apply what you’ve learned quickly since the training only takes two weeks. To overcome this challenge, find study methods that work well for you, review the material often, and show up ready to make the most of your clinical experiences.

Challenge: Less Time for Mastery

The material covered in a CNA program can be challenging to master in just two weeks. However, if you dedicate plenty of time to studying the material, you can master the skills in this shorter timeframe. If you need a slightly slower pace, consider opting for a 4-week online CNA program.

2-Week CNA Classes Online Near Me: Answering Your Questions

Even if you enroll in an online program, it’s important to find one in the state you plan to work in. Doing so ensures you’ll meet individual CNA state licensing standards. Below are answers to some of your most pressing questions about finding the program near you that’s also right for you.

Are there free 2-week online CNA classes?

There are free CNA classes available. However, most take longer than two weeks to complete. For example, free online CNA programs offered by Ballad Health and Job Corps take three to four months to complete. Additionally, some healthcare systems pay you to take CNA classes before employment, so check listings in your local area. If you don’t qualify for free programs, explore financial aid, flexible payment programs, and scholarships to help pay for your education. Some programs, like the 2-week CNA course offered by Soaring CNA, even offer tuition assistance to students who are paying out of pocket.

Are there prerequisites for enrollment in 2-week CNA classes?

There are requirements for enrollment, but they are minimal. Generally, those with a high school education and who comply with targeted health screening and background checks are eligible to enroll in two-week CNA classes. CNA programs typically ask those enrolling to provide:

  • Proof of high school diploma or equivalent
  • Information for a background check
  • A completed drug screening
  • TB skin test or chest x-ray
  • Current immunizations
  • CPR certification
  • First aid certification
  • Necessary equipment (typically, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, and scrubs).

Some schools include your basic equipment and background check fees in the overall program tuition.

Do online 2-week CNA courses provide certificates of completion?

Whether or not your school provides a certificate of completion – some do and some don’t – the most important certification you get when becoming a CNA is not from the school but from your state. You need to pass a state certification exam before working as a CNA, and the exact requirements vary by state. An online 2 week CNA class qualifies and prepares you to take your state’s test. Online CNA practice tests can also help you practice and prepare. Once you’re certified, you’ll be ready to apply for jobs.

Will I receive hands-on training in a 2-week online or hybrid CNA course?

Even if you’re an online student, you’ll need to meet in-person training requirements. Every certified nursing assistant program includes in-depth instruction as well as practical training in the skills you need to care for patients. The exact hours and experience needed depend on the state you live in. As an online student, you can watch lectures and demonstrations whenever and wherever you choose. When it’s time to gain experience in a real-world setting, though, you’ll learn on campus and in healthcare facilities. For example, in Northeast Medical Institute’s online CNA program students gain clinical experience on campus and in a long-term nursing home.