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CNA Classes in Jacksonville, FL

By taking CNA classes in Jacksonville, you can gain the patient care skills needed to get state certified and begin your career — all in as few as five weeks. While these programs require a significant amount of in-person classroom and clinical work, some also offer coursework online, making completing your training even easier.

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This guide provides a detailed look at everything you’ll need to know when looking for campus-based or online CNA classes in Jacksonville. In addition to highlighting several state-approved programs, we answer critical questions you’ll encounter when searching for quality CNA classes in Jacksonville, FL. Keep reading to learn more about this quick way to begin your nursing career.

Best CNA Classes and Training Programs in Jacksonville for 2024

The best CNA training programs are state-approved and offer a relatively quick and affordable way to begin a nursing career. Through lecture-based coursework, lab work, and hands-on practical experiences, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to take your CNA certification exam and provide competent, compassionate patient care. We spotlight three high-quality, state-approved programs below to jump-start your school search and introduce what these continuing education tracks can offer. See who stands out in 2024.

Florida Career College

Boasting campuses all around the state, Florida Career College’s Jacksonville campus offers a hybrid CNA certificate program. Taking about ten months to complete, this continuing education track provides the hands-on training, and one-on-one professional support needed to secure CNA certification. FCC’s program covers essential topics like patient assistance, senior care, and nursing assistance.

Over ten months, you’ll explore courses like occupational therapy, phlebotomy and hematology, and electrocardiography. In addition to traditional classroom learning, you’ll also gain significant hands-on experience through a patient care technician externship.

Applicants for this hybrid CNA program must be at least 17 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED certificate. In addition to completing Florida Career College’s official application, prospective students must provide proof of graduation along with transcripts from any college-level coursework. Those without a high school diploma or GED may be admitted under the school’s Ability to Benefit (ATB) admissions classification.

American Red Cross-Jacksonville

Offering CNA training since 1990, The American Red Cross enrolls 5,000 students annually in its program. In addition to Jacksonville, Red Cross has locations across the United States and boasts a CNA exam pass rate of nearly 80%. This program meets state and federal training regulations and provides the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pass your exam and enter the nursing field.

Through a 100% instructor-led classroom experience, students tackle topics such as providing care for people with dementia, nutrition, and end-of-life care. This program also offers practical career training through classes like entering the workforce and enjoying professional success. In addition to CNA test preparation, students also gain CPR and AED training. Before graduation, you must complete 40 hours of clinical practicum work.

Prospective students must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. In addition to a completed application, plan to attend a program information session offered online and in-person. Before enrollment, you must submit a background check and provide documentation of applicable vaccinations.

Affordable Training

Offering healthcare-based technical training since 2001, Affordable Training provides a five-week CNA training track designed to prepare you for the CNA certification exam. Along with preparing students for certification, this program also includes a range of additional certificates like CPR/basic life support, HIPAA, and medical error prevention. You also have the opportunity to earn an optional certification in medication administration/observation.

This in-person CNA track meets five hours per day, five days a week, for five weeks. There are daytime and nighttime options for classes. You’ll encounter courses such as introduction to healthcare, understanding your patient, and body mechanics. In addition to 54 hours of theory-based learning, plan to complete 26 hours of lab work and 40 hours of hands-on externship experience.

If interested in this program, you must attend an informational orientation. During the orientation, applicants complete a written assessment and earn 80% or higher for admission.

List of Approved CNA Classes in the Jacksonville Area

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SchoolCityPhone Number

Florida Board of Nursing; Most recent data as of May 2022

FAQs About CNA Classes in Jacksonville, FL

What skills do you learn in CNA classes in Jacksonville?

In addition to preparing you for CNA certification, the best CNA programs offer the theoretical, practical, and career training needed to enter the nursing field. At Florida Career College, instructors highlight three essential soft skills for new CNAs: compassion, patience, and attention to detail. During hands-on training, CNA programs emphasize teamwork, cooperation, and personal integrity.

Technical skills focus mainly on providing competent patient care, including taking vital measurements, assisting in patient hygiene, and performing, reading, and assessing electrocardiogram information. You’ll also become familiar with various administrative tasks involving patient records, appointment software, and client confidentiality.

How much do CNA classes cost in Jacksonville?

CNA program costs can vary significantly, so reach out to prospective programs to ensure you’re ready to make the financial commitment. CNA programs traditionally require a one-time payment for the entirety of the program. In Jacksonville, this can range from $900 to $21,000. In addition to tuition costs, other expenses can include books, protective equipment, and certification applications. We highlight tuition information for three Jacksonville CNA programs below.

Affordable Training

Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Total Hours: 120

Tuition: $895

Florida Career College

Patient Care Technician

Total Credits: 32

Tuition: $21,500

American Red Cross

Nurse Assistant / CNA Training

Total Hours: 124

Tuition: $950

Where can I get help paying for my CNA classes in Jacksonville?

While CNA programs are relatively inexpensive compared to four-year degrees, that doesn’t mean you don’t have financial aid options to offset the cost. Florida Career College participates in the Federal Pell Grant Program, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, and the Federal Work-Study program. Additional resources exist for military veterans and active-duty military.

And even though programs like those offered by the Red Cross don’t provide federally funded tuition assistance, they accept scholarships from recognized community organizations. Make sure you explore all funding opportunities available and check out our CNA scholarship guide.

How long do CNA classes in Jacksonville take to finish?

The time it takes to secure your CNA certification varies from program to program. From Affordable Training’s brief five-week option to Florida Career College’s ten-month track, each program is structured differently and offers various benefits and resources. Florida Career College carries a heftier price tag and lengthier schedule but provides you with additional certifications and training opportunities outside CNA certification prep. Additionally, a portion of Florida Career College’s curriculum is completed online, providing the flexibility to complete coursework while keeping up with personal and professional obligations. Research each program and see which is the best fit for you.

Inside Look at Online CNA Classes in Jacksonville

Most Jacksonville CNA training programs are completed in-person. As hands-on training is critical to gaining the knowledge needed to pass your CNA exam and provide competent nursing care, it’s no surprise that supervised classroom learning is essential. That said, as online options become more prevalent, this could change. Additionally, schools like Florida Career College offer a hybrid option where lecture-based, theoretical coursework is completed online.

CNA coursework typically breaks into three sections: traditional lecture-based coursework, lab exercises, and a hands-on externship in a clinical setting. Core courses include an introduction to patient care, respiratory therapy, electrocardiography, and diagnostic imaging. Other critical focuses include emergency care, assisting with personal cleanliness and grooming, and providing restorative care. Check out our main guide to online CNA classes for a closer look at this continuing education option.

Common Questions About Online CNA Classes in Jacksonville

Will taking online CNA classes in Jacksonville impact my ability to get certified or licensed?

Taking CNA classes online in Jacksonville will not negatively impact your ability to get certified. Online courses only make up a portion of your certification process, and the essential hands-on learning experience like lab practice and externships are conducted in-person. As securing CNA certification is the main objective of these programs, you’ll encounter all the resources needed to pass the competency evaluation and start your career.

Will employers care if I take some of my CNA classes online?

The first thing employers consider is your CNA certification. Earning your state-approved certification means you’re ready to work in the field. Additionally, the self-motivation needed to complete online classes highlights a positive personal attribute: you possess the problem-solving skills required to complete work without supervision.

Are online CNA classes in Jacksonville more affordable than campus programs?

CNA training courses traditionally require a flat fee before enrollment, regardless of how you complete classes. And while hybrid and in-person options typically cost the same, online coursework does have its own set of unique financial benefits. Not driving to class saves money on gas, and you also have more flexibility to work while completing your academic requirements.

Can I complete my Jacksonville CNA training faster by taking classwork online?

CNA training programs are usually pretty structured and taught sequentially. When considering the required in-person components like lab work and externships, online classes don’t usually expedite the process. That said, online courses do provide some scheduling freedom, allowing you to keep up with personal and professional obligations.

How to Become a CNA in Jacksonville

Your Jacksonville-based CNA program offers a relatively quick and affordable path to CNA certification, providing you with the hard and soft skills needed to enter the nursing field and provide competent patient care. Because earning CNA certification is the main objective of these programs, your school and instructors help you through the training and certification process. Here are some standard requirements for CNA certification in Florida.

  • Complete a Florida state-approved CNA training program
  • Pass a background check
  • Submit your Florida CNA application and fees through Prometric
  • Study for your CNA exam
  • Take Florida’s CNA certification exam

Having completed the CNA exam, you are placed on the Florida Nursing Assistant Registry within 14 days. Explore EduMed’s Florida CNA page to find step-by-step details on becoming a CNA in the state.

Earnings Outlook: How Much Does a CNA Make in Jacksonville, FL?

Earning your Florida CNA certification is a practical way to enter the nursing field and begin a meaningful healthcare career. As Jacksonville CNAs earn median salaries just below $29,000 per year, this path isn’t about building immense wealth. Instead, this track offers a quick and affordable way to jumpstart your nursing career. If you’re looking to earn more, nursing schools in the Jacksonville area offer flexible paths towards becoming an LPN or RN.

Annual Earnings for CNAs in Jacksonville

Location 10th Percentile Median 90th Percentile

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2021

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