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CNA Classes in Orlando, FL: Online & On-Campus

Jumpstart your nursing career in less than 2 months with CNA classes in Orlando. This guide gives you everything you need to find the right program and get certified.


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Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play a vital role in the nursing profession by providing basic care and support. You can be licensed in just under two months by taking CNA classes in Orlando, FL through local community colleges and vocational schools. Some state-approved programs even administer online CNA classes, making it even more convenient to earn your credentials.

This guide explores the process of becoming an Orlando CNA and available course offerings. It profiles some of the best programs available, discusses common features, and details the certification process. It also looks at tuition and financial aid as well as job outlook and earnings data. Keep reading to get started on your path to becoming a CNA in Orlando.

Best CNA Classes and Training Programs in Orlando, FL

This section spotlights several top-ranked CNA training programs to help start your search. When vetting these offerings, we focused on CNA classes in Orlando, FLthat have flexibility, affordability, and quality student resources. Each program also holds the state approval and accreditation credentials necessary for licensure. Find out which programs stand out in 2024 and learn how they can help start your CNA career.

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology

A key provider of CNA classes in Orlando, FL, Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology extends a robust 6-week curriculum. Core competencies include healthcare basics, administration of medication, general patient care, capturing vital signs, and nursing externships. Experienced practitioners and instructors facilitate all experiences, drawing on real-world scenarios with actionable professional advice. The externship component provides students with hands-on training in advanced medical facilities in and around Orlando.

The program requires 120 clock hours, including an 80-hour course in a nursing assistantship and 40 hours of applied experience through the externship. Cambridge College also provides preparation for Florida’s CNA exam. Students can take practice tests, participate in study groups, and use one-on-one support services as they progress toward graduation. Graduates of the program meet all the basic qualifications for entry-level work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers.

Marion Technical College

Marion Technical College offers a nursing assistant program that combines traditional, classroom-style instruction with immersive clinical experiences. The program includes 120 total clock hours that many students complete in 4-5 weeks. The curriculum offers career preparation and skills acquisition in a comprehensive training environment. The main course, Nurse Aide and Orderly, provides aspiring professionals with a foundational knowledge base in-home health procedures, long-term care, and therapeutics.

The school also offers online CNA classes, extending unique opportunities for hybrid study to increase convenience and flexibility. Like the rest of the program, these opportunities build key skills in emergency care, infection control, diagnostics, and nursing safety functions. Nursing assistants from Marion Technical College not only receive solid career preparation but also outperform many of their peers. The program boasts a perfect licensure rate and a 79% placement rate.

Cape Coral Technical College

Cape Coral Technical College extends a nursing assistant articulated program to students interested in sitting for the CNA certification exam and finding caregiving roles. Students complete 165 clock hours, typically across a 6-week period, and the school offers six different start dates. Program content builds competency in efficient work practice, legal liability, nutrition, ethical responsibility, and basic patient care. Students also complete 40 hours of clinical experience.

In addition to exam preparation, students also receive two additional credentials when they graduate: basic healthcare worker certification and basic life support certification through the American Heart Association. Graduates of Cape Coral’s program typically find work in assisted living facilities, home health settings, long-term care centers, and other contexts. Prospective students must be at least 18 and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent prior to admission. Grants enable the school to provide financial aid on occasion.

List of Approved CNA Classes in Orlando

SchoolCityPhone Number
SchoolCityPhone Number

Florida Board of Nursing; Most recent data as of May 2022

FAQs About CNA Classes in Orlando, FL

What skills do you learn in CNA classes in Orlando?

These education programs build the core skills and knowledge base necessary for CNA certification in Florida. You learn how to assist adult patients with daily living activities and how to provide basic care under the direct supervision of a nursing professional. You also build skills in nutrition, hydration, mobility, and psychosocial needs. CNA classes in Orlando, FL prepare you for work at the highest level of professional conduct in these capacities. See the stated learning outcomes at Daytona State College for a good example of what to expect to gain in your studies.

How much do CNA classes cost in Orlando?

Understanding the costs upfront can help you select CNA classes in Orlando, FL that meet your specific needs. Classes typically cost less than $1,000. Tuition rates do not always include fees and other expenses like textbooks, however, so it’s always best to check with specific providers for the most up-to-date information. Below are several examples representative of the range of possible costs involved in CNA training.

Daytona State College

Certified Nursing Assistant – Long Term Care

Total Credits: One 8-week course

Tuition: $329

Eastern Florida State College

Patient Care Assistant Program

Total Credits: 290 clock hours

$2.56/clock hour ($742.40 total)

Palm Beach State College

Patient Care Assistant

Total Credits: 290 clock hours

$2.78/clock hour ($806.20 total)

Where can I get help paying for my CNA classes in Orlando?

Financial aid can help you complete your training with less overall expense. CNA students in Florida are eligible for school-based scholarship awards, private scholarships from businesses, employers, or other entities, and student loans. School-based aid is typically more comprehensive and less competitive. For example, several of the programs profiled above offer grants to incoming CNA students. Also check with current employers or other nursing-related organizations with a stake in empowering new CNAs. For more information, see our financial aid page and our guide to scholarships for CNA students.

How long do CNA classes in Orlando take to finish?

These courses are short in comparison to those for other nursing-related professions, which sometimes take years to finish. In many cases, you can complete CNA classes in Orlando, FL in less than two months. Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology and Cape Coral Technical College, for example, both offer 6-week courses. Marion Technical College administers an even shorter program that lasts 4-5 weeks on average. These timeframes don’t always include supervised clinical experience components, though, which also impact your timeline.

Inside Look at Online CNA Classes in Orlando

Most CNA coursework in the Orlando area takes place in person and entails significant on-campus attendance. Some programs, like the one at Marion Technical College, have started using online components and hybrid learning modalities. This normally means that some portion of didactic or prerequisite coursework occurs in a virtual learning environment for increased flexibility and accommodation. Other practice-based elements, like supervised fieldwork or clinical placements, occur in-person to provide the immersive hands-on experiences needed to advance your CNA career in Florida.

Online learning continues to increase in popularity due to enhanced convenience and ongoing public health concerns, so it is likely that more online CNA classes in Orlando will become available. For more information on this, navigate to our guide for online CNA students.

Common Questions About Online CNA Classes in Orlando

Will taking online CNA classes in Orlando impact my ability to get certified or licensed?

Online courses will not affect your standing as a CNA candidate or prospective licensee. You should make sure you attend a program with proper accreditation and approval by the Florida Board of Nursing, though. Regulators do not distinguish between learning modalities beyond that requirement, and taking online classes will not impact your eligibility for licensure.

Do employers care if I take some of my CNA classes online?

Potential employers look for a license and certification credentials. They evaluate job candidates on that basis and then look for additional qualifications like work experience and additional skills. Your license verifies your competency and skills as a CNA, not your program’s delivery method.

Are online CNA classes in Orlando more affordable than campus programs?

Tuition rates tend to fall in the same range despite learning modality, but potential savings go beyond the price tag alone. The convenience of online CNA classes means you will end up spending less time and money traveling to campus. This frees up resources for other endeavors.

Can I complete my Orlando CNA training faster by taking classwork online?

Possibly, but it really depends on your situation. Online CNA classes in Orlando can expedite the coursework component of your studies, but you still need to complete supervised clinical experiences in person. Length for these components is usually set by the school in consultation with students based on their preferences.

How to Become a CNA in Orlando

Once you complete your course of study, you can move to licensure and certification. All CNA candidates must complete the steps specified by the Florida Board of Nursing. This process is like that in other states and includes:

For more detailed information on this, see our step-by-step guide on how to become a CNA in Florida.

Earnings Outlook: How Much Does a CNA Make in Orlando?

The table below details salary information for working CNAs in the Orlando area. The median annual wage for CNAs in and around Orlando is consistent with national numbers for this occupation and for CNAs across Florida. Data for the highest and lowest CNA earners in Orlando indicates room for growth and advancement as you gain more skills and on-the-job experience.

Annual Earnings for CNAs in Orlando

Location 10th Percentile Median 90th Percentile

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2021