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Best Online Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs in NY

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Author: Jenna Tidd
Editor: Kari Scare

Explore our comprehensive guide to psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner programs online in New York. Discover top schools, degree options, and your future earning potential.

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Are you a registered nurse (RN) in New York who wants to make a bigger impact in the mental health field? Would you like to specialize your skills, have more independence in your practice, and take on leadership responsibilities? If so, becoming a nurse practitioner (NP) through one of the many online psych NP programs New York offers may be the way to your dream career. With a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) degree, you can work as a telepsychiatry provider, a mental health consultant, or NP in hospitals, mental health facilities, private practices, or community health centers.

In this guide, we’ll break down not only how to become a nurse practitioner, but examples of quality programs, important features to look for, different NP educational paths, and the projected job outlook and earning potential for NPs in New York. Keep reading for detailed information about the best online psych NP programs New York has to offer.

When sifting through the many online psych NP programs New York offers, the various features may seem overwhelming. To dispel any confusion, we compiled this list of high-quality programs that serve as good examples of what to look for when exploring different schools.

Pace University

The image displays the logo of Pace University. The word "PACE" is written in bold, dark blue capital letters, with "UNIVERSITY" written below in smaller, lighter blue capital letters.

Pace University offers an Online Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program through its Lienhard School of Nursing to prepare students for advanced practice in institutions, communities, shelters, and private practices. The 42-credit program, a Master of Science, covers the assessment and treatment of psychiatric diseases, pathophysiology, disease prevention, medication management, and individual and family therapy with attention to health disparities and vulnerable populations. A 30-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study is also an option.

Coursework is in asynchronous and synchronous online formats, but students must still come to campus one to two times per semester. Tuition costs $1,460 per credit. To help offset the costs, Pace offers an impressive variety of financial aid through institution scholarships and resources for students, transfers, and veterans. You need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with at least a 3.0 GPA, a personal essay, recommendations, and possibly an interview to apply.

St. Johns Fisher University

Logo of St. John Fisher University featuring an illustration of a building with a tall steeple on the left and the text "St. John Fisher University" in red capital letters on the right.

St. John Fisher University, a private, non-profit school, offers a part-time online psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program to accommodate working professionals. The 50-credit program includes 600 clinical hours in various settings and one immersion and can be completed in 32 months. Advanced coursework (23 credits) focuses on field-specific subjects like trauma-informed assessment and intervention, supporting the mental health of children and adolescents, and providing ethical care to at-risk populations. Students must attend campus for one pre-clinical immersion to practice hands-on nursing skills.

Applicants need a BSN, a current RN license, one year of practice, and current employment as an RN in a clinical setting. Applicants must also complete an online application and submit official transcripts from previous schools, two letters of recommendation from their current employer, a recorded interview, and a resume.

University of Rochester

The School of Nursing at the University of Rochester blends hands-on practice with asynchronous and synchronous online learning in its online Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program. Students develop patient-centered care plans while implementing safety practices using the most recent scientific knowledge. They can earn their PMHNP as an advanced certificate or a post-BS to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

Prospective students need a BSN or equivalent master’s RN license-qualifying degree in nursing (e.g., a direct master’s entry), a 3.0 GPA, a current RN license in the state of NY, and a statistics course with at least a C average. Applications are accepted three times per year and require two letters of recommendation, a resume, an active RN license, and official school transcripts. Non-native English speakers must also submit TOEFL, IELTS, or DET scores. After applying, an admissions interview may be scheduled.

Estimated tuition is $1,740 per credit hour. The university offers two institution scholarships, the Finger Lakes Regional Scholarship and the Patrick P. Lee Foundation Scholarship, to help offset those costs.

Qualities of a Top Online Psychiatric NP Program in NY

There are a couple of important features to look for when researching the top online psych NP programs New York offers. A variety of settings for your clinical rotations and a state-approved program are critical to your success as a nurse practitioner. Each of these is examined below, so you know what each is and how it affects your education and future career.

Clinical Rotations in Diverse Settings

Clinical rotations in diverse settings expose students to a variety of ethnicities and cultures, which teaches them how to care for the unique needs of different populations. This results in well-rounded training that prepares students to care for people of all ages with varying diagnoses. During this time, students also learn to effectively collaborate with many types of healthcare professionals while being exposed to more real-life situations than would occur in just one setting.

New York State Board of Nursing Approval

Any quality online psychiatric NP programs NY offers must be approved by the New York State Board of Nursing to meet legal and accreditation requirements. Otherwise, graduates can’t apply for a license, and the program won’t be accredited. This approval validates the program meets the required quality standards and aligns with nursing standards. It also gives potential employers confidence that graduates received a quality education that prepared them to be competent nurse practitioners.

Degree Paths to Becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Wondering what degree you need to be a nurse practitioner? Your prior education and career goals determine the best online nurse practitioner program for you. The features of each type of degree and certification are explained below to give you a better understanding of which is best for you.


A common path to becoming a PMHNP is earning a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with a concentration in psychiatric mental health nursing. Typically, this takes two to three years to complete on a full-time schedule. Part-time enrollment extends the time and may only be available at certain schools. Coursework covers pathophysiology, psychopharmacology, family therapy, and psychiatric-mental health assessment and diagnosis. To enroll in an MSN program, applicants need a BSN, a current nursing license, letters of recommendation, a resume, completed prerequisite courses, and a statement of purpose. Some schools also require GRE scores.

Advanced Certificate

An advanced certificate program is designed for students who already have an MSN and want to specialize their skills. These programs take one to two years to complete, depending on the type of enrollment. Curriculum focuses on the skills needed as a PMHNP, such as clinical management of mental health disorders, psychotherapy modalities, and advanced psychiatric-mental health assessment and diagnosis. Upon completing the program, graduates can sit for the national certification exam to become licensed. Admissions requirements include a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) from an accredited school, a current RN license, a 3.0 GPA, completed prerequisite courses, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a statement of purpose.

Post-BS to DNP

A BSN to DNP program with a concentration in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is for those who want a terminal nursing degree. Accomplishing this requires three to four years of full-time study. Students must complete advanced coursework as well as a project addressing a specific clinical or practice issue in psychiatric nursing to demonstrate their ability to apply evidence-based practice. To enroll, students need a BSN, a current RN license, a 3.0 GPA, completed prerequisite courses, recommendation letters, a resume, and a statement of purpose. Some schools also ask for GRE scores.

A Closer Look at NY PMHNP Career & Earning Potential

To become a PMHNP, you must not only find an affordable psychiatric nurse practitioner program, but determine if it is a profitable career move. According to the data, becoming a PMHNP in New York promises significant job security and a large, but generous, salary range.

New York nurse practitioners make up over 7.6% of the country’s total. Not only that, but the projected job growth rate is a staggering 55.6% through 2030, higher than the already impressive national average of 52.2%. This means that finding a nurse practitioner job will not be a challenge in New York or across the U.S. In fact, New York is expected to have over 2,000 new NP jobs open up each year, and the country as a whole is projected to have 26,000 new positions.

Nurse practitioners make anywhere from $76,000 to over $239,000 annually, depending on location and experience. As a new graduate, you’ll most likely be paid on the lower end of the salary spectrum until you gain more experience.In New York, Albany-Schenectady-Troy has the lowest 10th percentile salary at $76,080 per year, less than the national rate of $87,340. In contrast, New York-Newark-Jersey City pays $120,430, which is in the top of the 10th percentile. Not surprisingly, that same area has the highest median and 90th percentile salaries as well, making it the most profitable spot to begin your NP career. Glens Falls, Ithaca, and Watertown-Fort Drum are the next best areas to consider.

New Jobs
Job Growth RateAvg. Annual Openings
United StatesNurse Practitioners220,300114,90052.2%26,000
New YorkNurse Practitioners16,8409,36055.6%2,060

Source: Projections Central

AreaOccupation10th PercentileMedian90th Percentile
U.S.Nurse Practitioners$87,340$121,610$165,240
New YorkNurse Practitioners$103,432$135,201$176,728
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYNurse Practitioners$76,080$116,030$214,350
Binghamton, NYNurse Practitioners$99,420$114,090$158,580
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NYNurse Practitioners$85,690$122,810$156,530
Elmira, NYNurse Practitioners$96,910$110,890$149,440
Glens Falls, NYNurse Practitioners$102,240$125,000$204,370
Ithaca, NYNurse Practitioners$104,400$120,480$181,270
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PANurse Practitioners$120,430$146,020$239,200
Rochester, NYNurse Practitioners$100,890$122,170$176,510
Syracuse, NYNurse Practitioners$85,630$107,640$147,520
Utica-Rome, NYNurse Practitioners$87,440$107,050$186,230
Watertown-Fort Drum, NYNurse Practitioners$101,280$124,510$180,600

Answering Your Questions About Online Psych NP Programs in NY

After going through this guide, you may still have questions about which online psychiatric nurse practitioner programs in NY are right for you. Below are answers to some of the most common questions asked by prospective NP students.

Are there accelerated psychiatric nurse practitioner programs?

The length of NP programs depends on the school, enrollment type, and your prior education. An advanced certificate program like the one at Wilkes University can be completed in just 12 months. Non-nurses can earn a master’s degree with an NP specialty in just three years through a direct-entry program or an accelerated nurse practitioner’s program like the one at the University of Rochester’s School of Nursing.

How do I become a psychiatric nurse practitioner in NYC?

According to the New York State Education Requirements, the key steps to becoming a nurse practitioner include having a New York RN license, completing an accredited NP program, passing the certification examination, and paying the $85 application fee. Those who graduated from an NP program in another state must take a course on New York regulations for prescription and records.

Is it possible to become a PMHNP without a bachelor’s degree?

Nurses with associate degrees can become PMHNPs by enrolling in an ADN to MSN (RN to NP) accelerated program that can be completed in 24 to 36 months of full-time study. The RN to BS to MS (Nurse Practitioner) program at the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester is one example.

What is the shortest PMHNP program in NY?

One of the shortest and most affordable nurse practitioner programs in New York is the post-master advanced certificate program at Wilkes University, which takes just over a year to complete. In general, certificate programs are much shorter than other NP programs because they are geared toward students who already hold an MSN or DNP.

Who accredits online PMHNP programs in NY?

The two main accrediting bodies for nursing education are the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). They approve and accredit programs in schools across the country, ensuring that all curriculum meets quality requirements and aligns with nursing standards.