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    RN to BSN Online Programs in Mississippi: Find Today’s Top Schools

    Online RN to BSN programs in Mississippi make it possible for you to advance your nursing career in a convenient, flexible, affordable way. Use this guide to discover today’s best options.

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    Learn About the Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Mississippi

    If you’re a registered nurse (RN) in Mississippi, you probably have your hands full with work, especially as the nursing shortage rages on in the Magnolia State.

    If you have an associate degree in nursing (ADN), you have all the education and training you need to meet your clinical obligations, however, if you’re thinking of taking on greater responsibility at work—and taking home a bigger paycheck—you need to go back to school to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Having a four-year nursing degree can make it easier to specialize in a particular area of nursing practice, acquire a management position, or even earn a graduate nursing degree someday.

    But how do you find an RN to BSN program when you’re already busy juggling your professional (and personal) responsibilities? That’s where this guide to online RN to BSN programs in Mississippi comes in. We’ll walk you through the features, benefits, and advantages of these remote learning options for students like you who need a flexible program to accommodate their often-hectic schedules.

    So, how do these programs work and what can you expect after you enroll in one? We’ll answer those and related questions and help you start your search for an RN to BSN online program in Mississippi that is right for you.

    Program Profiles: Online RN to BSN Degrees in Mississippi

    Mississippi offers a wide array of nursing programs, many of which are available online and are tailored to students who are already working as registered nurses. But with so many online RN to BSN programs in Mississippi to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. To help you start your search , we’ve identified three Mississippi-based online RN to BSN programs that offer top-tier curricula, flexible degree paths, and affordable tuition.

    Mississippi University for Women

    The RN-to-BSN Advanced Placement Optionoffered at the Mississippi University for Women is a CCNE-accredited online RN to BSN that provides part and full-time learning options. The part-time program can be completed in just five semesters of fully online didactic courses. The full-time program also provides all “classroom” instruction online but allows students to graduate in just three semesters. Both tracks consist of clinicals that students must complete in-person.

    In addition to its two program tracks, this program stands out for its affordability, with a flat tuition rate of $10,000 regardless of students’ residency status or academic pathway. Students need 128 credits to graduate from this RN to BSN online program in Mississippi, but incoming students can obtain 24 credits after completing specific nursing program courses, and can typically transfer anywhere from 50 to 62 credits of prerequisite courses from past programs.

    The University of Mississippi

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s RN-BSN Program is a hybrid online program that makes almost all coursework available online; only one course has an in-person clinical component. To accommodate students, the requisite experiential learning components can be completed at any approved location under the supervision of a preceptor of the student’s choice.

    Students also enjoy a fully self-paced learning format that few other RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi offer; students can take as few as one and as many as four classes each semester. It is also possible for students to take five or more courses, but they must obtain prior approval to do so. As long as students take course N421 first and course N461 last, they may complete their remaining nursing courses in any order.

    Finally, the curriculum includes two elective course requirements, allowing students to focus on a particular nursing-adjacent subject of their choice, including legal issues in nursing, statistical methods, interpretation of lab values, politics and policy of nursing, wound care, and pain management.

    The University of Southern Mississippi

    The RN to BSN degree program from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) is offered primarily online. All the didactic coursework in this CCNE-accredited program is available online, but students must complete two in-person clinicals at a USM-approved healthcare facility of their choice. Students can choose to begin the program in the Fall or Spring semesters and graduate in as few as two semesters.

    This Mississippi-based online RN to BSN program is also fairly affordable, with a per-credit tuition rate of roughly $400. To help defray this already low cost, Southern Miss offers multiple scholarships, including the Online Student Scholarship offered to those enrolled in a fully online USM program.

    To graduate, students must complete 120 credits, 30 of which must be in nursing. USM also accepts up to 62 transfer credits, 34 of which students can transfer automatically from their accredited ADN program.

    FAQs About RN to BSN Online Programs in Mississippi

    There’s a reasonable chance that RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi offer a style of learning that you aren’t familiar with. So, it’s understandable if you have questions about these distance learning programs.

    There are several ways in which completing an online RN to BSN program in Mississippi can set you up for more nursing opportunities. The managerial and research skills you will gain, for example, will help you to someday pursue leadership roles or higher education. Keep reading to finding out how long it will take to gain those skills, how much these programs cost, and what you need to get in.

    How long is an RN to BSN program in Mississippi?

    The length of your online RN to BSN program depends on your preferred learning timeline and prior college coursework. If you have taken college classes in addition to your associate degree in nursing, then it is possible to graduate in as little as one year at schools like Mississippi College. The number of courses you take each term also affects the length of your program. Many RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi, like Delta State University, offer a self-paced curriculum, including full-time and part-time program tracks that allow you to determine when, and how quickly, you progress through your degree.

    How long is an RN to BSN program in Kentucky?

    The amount of time it takes to complete an RN to BSN program in Kentucky varies depending primarily on whether you attend school part or full-time. Those interested in attending school full-time and year-round can complete this program in as few as ten months, while part-time students typically take 18-24 months.

    How much do RN to BSN programs in Mississippi cost?

    Tuition rates at RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi can vary based on several factors, one of which is whether the school charges out-of-state tuition rates to non-resident students. That said, many Mississippi schools, including the University of Southern Mississippi, choose to offer in-state tuition rates to all online students, no matter what state they call home.

    Another variable to consider is how many credits you’ll need to complete. Even with an associate degree in nursing, you may need to take a number of credits outside y core nursing requirements. All things considered, students enrolled in online RN to BSN Mississippi programs can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 per semester.

    Is there financial aid available to Mississippi RN to BSN students?

    Most schools offer scholarships to their students, including students in online programs. These can be very competitive, but are available to most, if not all, nursing students. This is the case with Belhaven University, which offers all of its RN-BSN students in Mississippi a scholarship equal to 20% of the tuition of their nursing courses. There are also third-party scholarships available to nursing students from for-profit businesses (like Johnson and Johnson) and non-profit organizations (like the American Association of Colleges of Nursing).

    What requirements do I need to meet to apply for admission to RN to BSN programs in Mississippi?

    At a minimum, you’ll need to complete an application and provide official copies of your college transcripts showing completion of an associate degree in nursing and any other post-secondary learning, (like additional prerequisite courses). You’ll also likely need to show evidence of a valid RN license and necessary vaccines, both of which are required at the Mississippi University for Women.

    What should I look for in an RN to BSN degree program in Mississippi?

    When choosing from among the many RN to BSN online Mississippi nursing programs available today, it’s important to find a program that meets your specific needs. For example, if you need to work full-time while in school, you’ll want a program that lets you enroll as a part-time student take fewer courses per term, or complete your classes asynchronously.

    If you already have college credits beyond an associate degree, you’ll want to apply to a program that allows you to transfer 60 or more credits toward your BSN. In addition to personal academic needs, you should, at a minimum, only consider programs that are approved by the Mississippi Board of Nursingand and an association that grants programmatic accreditation. Three of the most common programmatic accrediting bodies are the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing(ACEN), NLN Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation(NLN CNEA), and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education(CCNE).

    From RN to BSN: Benefits for Mississippi Nurses

    Going back to school takes time and money, and you only need an associate degree to become an RN, so it’s understandable to want to look more closely at and weigh the benefits of going back to nursing school to earn your bachelor’s degree. Below are some of the top benefits of completing an RN to BSN online program in Mississippi

    Better Patient Outcomes

    The additional education you’ll obtain over the course of an online RN to BSN program in Mississippi equips you to facilitate better outcomes for the patients you treat. According to an American Association of Colleges of Nursing Fact Sheet, the more bachelor-prepared nurses a hospital has on staff, the less likely they are to see post-surgical mortalities.

    Career Advancement

    Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing can make it easier to transition from a clinical role to a more supervisory role. This is because many hospitals and healthcare providers prefer nurse managers and other RNs with leadership responsibility to have a BSN. Getting a BSN can also help lay the foundation for any future graduate nursing degree you might want to pursue.

    Enhanced Clinical Skills

    The curriculum and clinical rotations of online RN to BSN programs in Mississippi teach students more advanced skills and concepts helpful in clinical settings. BSN coursework also examines high-level concepts to enhance legal and ethical decision making. As a result, BSN students also sharpen their critical thinking and leadership skills.

    Expanded Knowledge Base

    In your associate degree program, your coursework focused primarily on making sure you received the fundamental principles and hands-on skills necessary to function as a registered nurse. A BSN degree will expand on this knowledge and provide you with more theory-heavy concepts and skills, like management and research. These are valuable to advance as through your nursing career, whether in clinical practice, leadership, or additional education.

    Higher Earning Potential

    One of the biggest reasons most RNs consider a BSN is the possibility to earn more money. All else being equal, this is usually the case. Compared to an ADN-prepared nurse, nurses with BSNs can expect to earn an extra $260,000 over the course of their nursing careers.

    Personal Growth and Satisfaction

    RN to BSN online Mississippi curricula take a bigger-picture approach to the practice of nursing compared to ADN programs. Gaining a better understanding of the “why” behind clinical practice in addition to the “how” can bring about greater satisfaction in your clinical work. It can also lead to greater professional responsibility, which can help foster profound personal growth.

    Advantages of Online RN to BSN Programs in Mississippi

    An online RN to BSN degree in Mississippi provides a plethora of benefits over traditional programs. The vast majority of these benefits will apply to all prospective nursing students, regardless of their income, location, or professional aspirations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of an online RN to BSN program.


    Online RN to BSN programs in Mississippi can be a more economical option compared to on-campus BSN programs for three reasons. First, the tuition is often lower for online courses at many schools due to either a designated distance learning rate or the in-state tuition rate the school charges all students, regardless of their state of residence. Second, online coursework makes it easier to continue working while in school—this income can be helpful in offsetting the cost of tuition. Finally, online students save money they would otherwise have spent commuting to and from campus.

    Flexibility and Convenience

    RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi allow you to complete most, if not all, of your coursework, 100% online. The flexibility and convenience this offers is enhanced by the many alternative learning tracks and timelines many programs offer so students can graduate as slowly or as quickly as they wish.

    Self-Paced and Asynchronous Learning

    Depending on which of the many RN to BSN online programs in Mississippi you choose from, your nursing courses will likely be available in an asynchronous format. This means you can attend class from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time. The fact that you can take classes on your schedule means you can also set your own pace, allowing you to graduate as quickly or slowly as your professional and personal schedule and goals allow.

    Access to a Wide Range of Programs

    Most RN to BSN online Mississippi programs can be completed without ever requiring you to step foot on campus. As a result, you can enroll in a program from almost anywhere in the country, as long as you have access to a suitable site at which you can complete your clinical hours. This lets you consider RN to BSN programs you might otherwise have thought were out of reach—literally.