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Whether you’re just starting out on your nursing journey or ready take your current nursing career to the next level, discover accredited nursing schools in Miami that fit your budget, schedule, and goals.

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Nurses are in high demand – especially in Miami. According to state employment projections, jobs for RNs in Florida are expected to grow an impressive 16% by 2028, compared to the national growth rate of 7%. With about one-third of the nurses in Florida working in Miami, that means thousands of new jobs will be added to the local economy. Besides the economic upside, working as a nurse in Miami allows you to help people during scary and perilous times. Studies show that having highly trained nurses at the bedside leads to better outcomes for patients.

If you’re ready to begin your nursing career in the Miami area (or take your current one to the next level), this guide is for you. You’ll learn about top nursing schools in the Miami area, the types of programs available, and where to turn for support and assistance both as a student and professional. Start your school search below and find the Miami nursing program that’s right for you.

Best Nursing Schools in Miami for 2022

Not all nursing schools in Miami are created equal, so look carefully to choose a program that works for you now and in the future. To help you, we’re highlighting three top schools that bring a mix of affordability, flexibility, and state approval. See which schools stand out this year.

University of Miami

Ready to prepare you for the future, nursing programs at the University of Miami School of Nursing & Health are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Whether you’re interested in a bachelor’s degree or a doctorate, this nursing school in Miami has a program for you.

Offering traditional, accelerated, and RN to BSN undergraduate tracks, the University of Miami is home to south Florida’s first baccalaureate nursing program. Upper-level nursing courses include theories and evidence-based practice, psychiatric mental health nursing, and epidemiology for population-based care. In addition to theoretical and lab-based coursework, students also complete at least 16 credits of clinical work.

Freshman applicants for the University of Miami’s undergraduate nursing program must submit SAT/ACT scores along with high school transcripts. Students with fewer than 30 college credits who are interested in transferring to this nursing school in Miami are also required to submit standardized test scores.

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is home to a range of academic tracks. Boasting a highly competitive traditional BSN program, this rigorous program involves classwork and lab work plus 840 clinical hours in various hospital and community settings. Dedicated to providing effective healthcare to diverse populations, the BSN program at this nursing school in Miami is accredited by the CCNE. All FAU nursing programs are endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation.

FAU BSN graduates are not only prepared with the personal and professional skills needed for excellent nursing care, but they are also well prepared to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and begin working in the field. FAU graduates had a 95.9% NCLEX-RN pass rate in 2020.

FAU offers three options for getting a BSN: enrolling as a freshman, accelerated BSN, and RN to BSN. Students applying to this nursing school in Miami must submit a completed application along with transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay laying out career goals.

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) is a Christian institution that offers students a holistic nursing education, combining opportunity, purpose, and faith with cutting-edge, science-based nursing practice. In addition to an RN to BSN program, PBAU also offers MSN and DNP programs.

Undergraduate students complete 70 hours of general education and lower division nursing coursework, including human anatomy, chemistry, English composition, Bible studies, and intro to professional nursing. Core nursing requirements include community nursing theory, nursing leadership and management, and end-of-life issues and concepts. Students are also required to complete clinical work in various settings, including psychiatric, surgical, and pediatric settings.

RN to BSN applicants must have an associate degree in nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Prospective students are also required to hold a valid Florida nursing license and documentation of one year’s worth of experience in a medical environment. Interested students are also required to submit a 300-word personal statement of career objectives and what they hope to accomplish in the nursing field.

Types of Nursing Programs Available in Miami

Students can find nursing schools in Miami with programs at every level, making it easy to begin or advance your career without leaving the area. No matter if you’re just starting out or looking to reach the top of the field, the programs below will help you accomplish these goals and more. Whether you’re an active nurse or new to the field, Los Angeles nursing schools offer a variety of programs to meet your individual needs and education level. Here are some of the most common options available to prospective nursing students and working nursing professionals.

Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs in Miami

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

An associate degree in nursing serves as a significant first step into the world of nursing. Most ADN programs take just two years and are offered at many nursing schools in Miami, including community colleges and vocational schools. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN and apply for licensure as a registered nurse.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Miami Dade College
FVI School of Nursing and Technology

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (Traditional BSN)

If you already know you want to work as a registered nurse, completing a traditional BSN allows you to step into more advanced (and often higher paying) roles after just four years of education. These programs include classwork and clinical experience and can be found at public and private nursing schools in Miami.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

University of Miami
Barry University

Accelerated BSN Programs

Career changers looking to enter the nursing field often pursue an accelerated BSN. Designed for those with non-nursing bachelor’s degrees, these programs quickly get students up to speed and ready for life as a registered nurse. Many nursing schools in Miami offer programs that allow you to finish in as few as 12 months.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Florida International University
University of Miami

Direct-Entry MSN Programs (Master of Science in Nursing)

Direct-entry MSN programs at nursing schools in Miami operate similarly to accelerated BSNs in that they help students with no prior nursing education start their career. By bypassing the BSN and moving straight into a graduate degree, you can work in advanced roles after graduating. Most programs take about three years.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Miami Regional University
Florida International University

Nursing Bridge Programs in Miami for Current Nurses

LPN to RN and LPN to BSN Programs

If you started your career as a licensed vocational nurse and now want to go to the next level, these bridge programs at nursing schools in Miami can help. The LPN to RN leads to an ADN and takes about a year to complete, while the LPN to BSN leads to a bachelor’s degree and takes approximately two years to complete. You’ll find these programs at many community colleges and four-year nursing schools in Miami.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

South Florida State College
West Coast University

RN to BSN Programs

As an ADN-educated RN, you may be ready to update your credentials to a four-year degree. If so, the RN to BSN bridge program can help you do so in as few as 12 months. Because these programs don’t require any practicums, many nursing schools in Miami offer the degree entirely online.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Miami Dade College

RN to MSN Programs

If you’d like to bypass the BSN and move straight into an MSN, consider this type of bridge program offered at nursing schools in Miami. The programs usually take 30-36 months, with many offered online. After graduating and meeting state requirements, this degree allows you to work as a nurse practitioner.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Florida National University
West Coast University

Advanced Nursing Programs in Miami

Traditional MSN Programs (Master of Science in Nursing)

The traditional MSN is an excellent option if you already hold a BSN but want to move into an advanced practice role. Most take two years to complete and offer specializations in nurse-midwifery, nurse leadership, psychiatric mental health, and adult-gerontology.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

University of Miami
Florida International University

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and PhD Doctoral Programs

A DNP can help you work in the most senior-level professional roles in the discipline, while a PhD focuses on building the skills needed to work in research, academics, and policy. Plan to spend about three years enrolled in a DNP program and four to six years enrolled in a PhD program at a Miami nursing school.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Barry University
University of Miami

Post-Graduate Nursing Certificates

Post-graduate nursing certificates provide an efficient way to build knowledge and skills in specialized areas of advanced nursing topics. Designed for MSN-educated nurses, common specialization areas include emergency nurse practitioner, nursing leadership, and psychiatric mental health.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

Florida International University
Miami Regional University

Inside Look at Online Nursing Schools in Miami

Online nursing programs are traditionally designed for the working professional, with built-in flexibility to ensure that you can keep up with personal and job-related obligations. While most four-year, traditional BSN programs require in-person attendance, RN to BSN bridge programs are often available online and schools such as Florida International University offer multiple programs 100% online. That said, practice-based nursing programs typically have in-person clinical requirements even if academic classes are online.

When considering the online nursing schools in Miami that best fit your needs, it’s worth inquiring about each program’s working relationship with hospitals and community health centers. That’s important because you’ll want to ensure that you get the clinical experience you need while potentially building lasting professional relationships. Keep reading to discover online nursing programs in Miami that are standouts.

Best Online Nursing Schools in Miami

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers an RN to BSN track that is 100% online except for two clinical courses. Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, this program provides an affordable and flexible option for working nurses looking to get their bachelor’s degrees.

With completion in as few as 12 months, this BSN bridge program focuses on providing you with the cultural competency and nursing skills required to provide top-notch care to diverse populations. Full-time students complete upper-level BSN classes that include leadership and management theory, culture in nursing practice, and globalization in nursing practice. Students also get career preparation through a transition to professional nursing course. This program from an online nursing school in Miami requires three semesters.

Prospective students must have a valid and unencumbered Florida nursing license and an ADN from a regionally accredited college. Applicants must submit academic transcripts and have a minimum 2.0 GPA.

South University

In addition to having a campus in West Palm Beach, South University offers several online options, including RN to BSN and RN to MSN academic paths. These flexible online opportunities are accredited by the CCNE. Allowing for full-time and part-time, online or in-person studies, South University is dedicated to providing accessible education for working nurses.

Designed to enhance nursing knowledge while increasing employment opportunities, graduates demonstrate technical aptitude and critical thinking skills while blending competent nursing care with a concern for humanity. Having completed general education requirements, students in this online nursing school in Miami complete 45 credits of upper-level nursing coursework. Classes include trends in healthcare policy, gerontological nursing, and leadership in a diverse society. Before graduation, you’ll also complete a capstone project aimed at synthesizing nursing knowledge.

South University RN to BSN applicants must have completed an accredited ADN program and hold a valid RN license.

Florida International University (FIU)

Driven by evidence-based practice and research, Florida International University strives to deliver the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences that students need to provide culturally competent care. FIU is home to both undergraduate and graduate-level online nursing tracks designed to expand skills while boosting professional marketability.

FIU’s 100% online RN to BSN track is for licensed RNs working in the field. In addition to focusing on traditional nursing skills and topics, FIU also focuses heavily on health and wellness across cultures within the context of a global healthcare environment. Required courses include health assessment and promotion, evidence-based nursing and research, and professional nursing leadership. You’ll also complete a degree-culminating senior clinical practicum before graduation.

Applicants for this online nursing school in Miami must submit proof of RN licensure, academic transcripts, and a professional resume.

FAQs About Online Nursing Schools in Miami

Can I earn my nursing degree in Miami completely online?

Online nursing schools in Miami are becoming more common, but some programs will never be fully online since they require students to participate in a practicum. However some degrees, such as an RN to BSN or MSN, can be completed without visiting campus since they don’t require any in-person learning.

Will my online Miami nursing degree be considered less valuable by employers?

Ultimately, future employers will be most concerned that you hold an active and unencumbered nursing license. To accomplish that, you need to attend a nursing program approved by the state board of nursing and accredited. Your degree won’t even mention whether you attended an in-person or online nursing school in Miami.

Are online nursing programs in Miami more affordable than campus programs?

It’s no secret that living in Miami can be expensive, especially when depending on student accommodations. While tuition may not be cheaper, studying online means you can find an affordable place that doesn’t have to be near your school. You can also save on gas and parking by not traveling to campus multiple times each week.

Financial Aid Opportunities for Nursing Students in Miami

Whether you’re looking for a nursing scholarship to help cover your ADN or your PhD, know that you can find many awards to help lower costs and ensure you don’t graduate with overwhelming debt. Managing financial aid is easier when you can find scholarships and grants. Locally, the Miami Heart Research Institute and the Miami Valley Hospital Foundation both offer awards.

You can also find scholarships through professional associations, hospitals and clinics, colleges and universities, private foundations, and nonprofit groups. Start your search early since scholarships tend to be competitive.

How to Become an RN in Miami: Licensing Requirements

Before you can apply for an RN license in Florida, you need to earn a state-approved and accredited degree. After graduating, you’ll complete an application via the Florida Board of Nursing, pay the $110 fee, and submit fingerprints for a background check. Then, once you pass the NCLEX-RN exam, you’ll receive your license and renew it every two years. Our guide to nursing programs in Florida takes a look at more in-depth licensing requirements.

Job Opportunities for RNs in Miami

The Miami area is among the country’s ten biggest employers of registered nurses. Across Florida, the job market for RNs is anticipated to increase by over 30,500 jobs by 2028. Since RNs in Miami account for nearly 30% of all RNs working in the state of Florida, Miami-based nurses are likely to see a significant increase in job opportunities if those numbers hold true.

Another factor that adds jobs for Miami nurses is the fact that Miami is home to Florida’s largest healthcare provider. The Jackson Health System is an expansive network of hospitals and medical centers that includes Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Children’s Hospital, and the Miami Burn Center.

How Much You Could Make as an RN in Miami

RNs in Florida earn an average wage of $69,510. RNs in Miami do a bit better, with an average wage of $72,300, but that’s still $8,000-$10,000 less than the national average. Getting an advanced degree and deepening your nursing knowledge not only enhances the care you can provide, but it also gives you a competitive advantage in securing that next job and increasing your earning potential. Here’s a closer look at what RNs earn in Miami as compared with Florida and the nation.

Earnings for Registered Nurses in Miami

Median Hourly Wage Mean Hourly Wage Annual Mean Wage
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL $33.89 $34.76 $72,300
Florida $32.46 $33.42 $69,510
United States $36.22 $38.47 $80,010

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020

Additional Miami Nursing Resources

National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN)–Miami Chapter

NAHN has several chapters throughout the state, including one in Miami that was established in 2012. The group maintains an active Facebook page and provides an annual scholarship.

The Truth About Nursing–Miami Chapter

This advocacy group looks to educate both the public and lawmakers about the important role nurses play in taking care of us. The Miami chapter holds regular meetings for students and licensed nurses.

Black Nurses Association (BNA)–Miami Chapter

BNA’s Miami chapter hosts a monthly health lecture series, offers CPR training, and organizes both social and educational events throughout the year to keep members connected and informed.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)–Greater Miami Area Chapter

The AACN Greater Miami chapter maintains an active calendar of online and in-person events, posts local job openings, and shares news and announcements for the Miami area.

Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)–Miami-Dade Chapter

Designed to support nurses working in oncology and cancer nursing care, the Miami-Dade chapter of ONS supports members by highlighting local job opportunities, maintaining active discussion boards, and sharing relevant files and resources.