Online MPH Programs
with No GRE Requirement

Many online MPH programs are nixing the GRE requirement. See who has GRE alternatives and what that means for you.

Many master’s programs in public health like to keep things traditional when it comes to admission requirements. The admissions committee wants to see a bachelor’s degree in a related subject area, a minimum GPA, a few references, experience in the field, and that typical final point: the GRE score.

The Graduate Record Examination has long been the most common standardized test for those planning to enter graduate school. However, given that more and more mid-career public health professionals are seeking advanced degrees – and they’re pretty far removed from their undergraduate programs – standardized tests like the GRE are becoming less and less important. In fact, some high-quality MPH programs, both campus and online, now waive the GRE score requirement. Let’s take a look at these 2020 online MPH programs with no GRE.

Ashford University

The Master of Public Health through Ashford University is designed with affordability in mind; that’s one of the reasons the school doesn’t require the GRE. Admitted students can dive right into their education with one course at a time, each lasting for six weeks. Major core requirements come first, totaling up to 27 credits. Of those 27, three credits are for the capstone project, and another three are for the practicum, which will be completed during the last semester.

Then students can choose from Generalist Track Courses and Health Care Administration Track Courses; each track requires 15 credits. These credits will move you from the major courses to specialized ones, preparing you to move into the public health area that most interests you. Typical courses include those in applied behavioral science, environmental health, health services administration, and principles of biostatistics.

All courses must be completed with a 3.0 or above in order to graduate with the MPH from Ashford. This goal is aided by 24/7 tech support, round-the-clock library and writing center help, and a student-teacher ratio of 13 to one, helping assure more individual attention during the pursuit of the degree. Nineteen student organizations help ensure that students are engaged outside of class while a career center helps prepare you to move into the workforce upon graduation, including customized career planning and one-on-one coaching.

Ohio University

Types of Online MPH Programs with No GRE

Why do schools offer the very important MPH with no GRE requirement attached? There are several reasons for this, as evidenced by the application requirements. Here’s what to expect from a school that doesn’t require the GRE.

Online MPH Programs with No GRE Requirement

Some programs have phased out the GRE altogether. Though there are some schools that have created other requirements to make up for the information the GRE might be able to provide, many of them have simply done away with the test, claiming it is too biased, doesn’t provide an accurate view of a student’s abilities, and is prohibitively expensive. These schools simply rely on the other traditional information found in an application, such as the GPA earned at the undergraduate level or the coursework completed before applying, to help them make a choice on students to admit.

However, there are some schools that allow students to submit their GRE scores to make up for something they might not have in the application process. This is especially true for those students who might have a lower GPA than the typical 3.0 required by most programs, or those who have not completed certain perquisite math and science courses. In these cases, students are allowed to submit GRE scores for consideration. In some schools, students can simply submit GRE scores if they want to present a more complete package to the admissions office – however, the GRE is considered as part of the overall application, not as something that gives a student an advantage over others who chose not to take the GRE scores.

Online MPH Programs with GRE Waivers

Some schools look to certain other criteria in order to waive the GRE requirement. A good example of this is a school that looks for a certain number of years of experience – often three to five years of work in the field – before the student applies to graduate school. In this case, that experience is considered more than enough to waive the GRE requirement that might otherwise be in place. This might also happen when a student has a certain amount of advanced coursework in public health, enough that they have learned a significant amount of information that holds them in good stead in the field and allows them to move seamlessly into the master’s coursework.